Pelosi buys ocean front mansion in Florida. Are you paying attention yet?


Where she bought an oceanside mansion


Still think climate change is real?

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She should be barred from buying in the state, and entering the state illegally.

I suggest we start treating the states as something closer to sovereign nations and forcing these blue state criminals to deal with the messes they’ve made.

Why would Pelosi, who lied about Trump and waged a coup for 4 years, get to live in the state that absolutely is the most Trump-like, policywise?

DeSantis should build a solid wall of wind generators right off the coast. Then that old drunk could look at it every day and appreciate that she is doing her part for the planet.

Time to fly in a large selection of newly arrived illegals right to her new front door and welcome them to their new home courtesy of San Fran Nan. I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

DeSantis was looking for somewhere to send idiot Biden’s deliveries.

Look how close the Ocean is if there is suppost to be any Global warming as Nancy the Nit-Wit claims she should be living farther inland

For all her lying, treachery, hypocritical, self serving behavior during her elected “career”, she may, at some point, have a difficult time selling her story to St. Peter.

Pelosi is very good at what she does. She gets things done for her party her constituents. Her power is based on her effectiveness.

Yes greggie, if we all invested in the same stocks and businesses that Mr Pelosi invests in, we would all be able to afford a $25,000,000 at 5ft elevation. Se also doesn’t get things done for the country.

“Pelosi is very good at what she does.” Yeah, she lies and lines her pockets through her husband’s businesses. Very good at that.
Other than that, she does nothing that benefits her constituents or the American people as a whole. San Francisco is a vivid example of that.