Palin rejects new gun laws, rejects birthers


Sarah Palin stuck to her guns on “death panels” Thursday, and on guns for that matter, in a rare public appearance in which reporters were allowed. She continued tweaking the first lady’s efforts to fight childhood obesity, but chided some of her own supporters for sustaining the “annoying” claims that President Barack Obama is foreign-born and Muslim.

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On the “Birther” issue, I’m somewhat agnostic (ie. not “proven” on both sides of the argument). I consider those Democrats who demanded that McCain present his birth certificate, but whom refused to even look at such claims on their own guy. That makes them hypocrites. The “Birther” side have made some fair arguments that, were Obama a Republican, would have surely made most investigative, “Bernstien wanna-be” reporters jump on the story. But those who suspect Obama is not a citizen need to face the reality that the elite and MSM (and yes, even FOX News,) are not going to investigate whether it’s true or not because to do so would make all of them look very bad.

In fact the recent rabid eagerness by liberal “reporters” in asking various Republican’s if they ‘agree with’ or ‘support the “Birther’s” claims,’ clearly shows that they are anxious to ignore the actual question posed by “Birthers” and instead turn it around to intimidate and paint any Republican who they can get to answer in the affirmative, as a “fanatic” or “conspiracy nut.”

Perhaps in the distant future the facts (one way or the other) may come out, but I expect the reality is that it will be buried by the establishment elite, like they have so many other dirty secrets.

The Birther claim is just a waste of time. Even if they did find out he was not a citizen what are they going to do throw him out of office or make him give back all the years he has been in?? They won’t even convict admitted tax dodgers and those found guilty of lying to a federal judge under oath, looking at you Bill Clinton, so who actually believes they are going to do ANYTHING to the first black president?

And I thought the ‘mainstream liberal’ media was stupid for continuing reports about Sarah Palin.

11 states are now considering bills to MAKE anyone who wants to be on any ballots in their states, SHOW PROPER ID… Including a LEGAL Birth Certificate. That’s 22% of the states as of now. Even if only HALF pass such a law..or even only a quarter of them do.. Obama will not be able to run, without complying. If you see him decide NOT to run again… You can bet there’s a “smoking gun” to the claims! Do I think he was born abroad? Not really… do it think there is info, like his parents Nationalities, that could have caused Obama issues to be LEGAL to run?? Quite possibly…. I hope many more put these laws on the books, it’s a SHAME we have to go that far… but the fact a guy like Obama fights so hard, over such a simple issue.. requires we PROTECT the integrity of our election system any way we HAVE to.
Next Question, Will Obama comply if he runs?? Or, will you see “legal challenges” pop up, trying to SQUASH any attempts to ENSURE legality of Candidates?? THAT will be the next Sopa Opera and Circus! Stay tuned!

THERE is a fact, and that fact is the doubt that AMERICANS all have about his legitimacy
and that is and was important enough to not allow his candidatcy to continiue at the beginning of the doubt, and nobody did anything, the MEDIA had a responsability to confront this ,
they lack of honesty toward the public of AMERICA, the tide pushing him was very real,
there was signs and it seem like they where afraid, and now they are even more afraid, so much that they keep hiding it,