Palin Emails – How To Ruin Their Fun


…That’s right: both the Washington Post and the New York Times have announced they will publish the emails tomorrow as they get them, and they want readers to read over them, find the things that are “most interesting” or “most noteworthy,” and email notes on those portions to the respective papers. (Any of you who did a research intensive degree in college know what this means: it means the newspaper is then going to take those “most interesting” pieces, paste them on the front page of their website, and say, “Look here folks! We found a chink in Palin’s armor! She’s beatable! She’s beatable!”)

In making this request, both the Washington Post and the New York Times prove they’ve yet to learn how much the people love Palin. But we can help them learn this lesson after 1 pm by sending a ton of emails that have absolutely nothing to with Palin’s correspondence cache.

In other words, the Washington Post reports they’ll be posting Palin’s emails here, and they’ll include a link whereby readers can respond when they find that “most noteworthy” information. The New York Times has been kind enough to say they’ll post Palin’s emails here, and they will likewise include a link whereby readers can respond when they find that juicy nugget that’s going to prove Palin doesn’t love America after all (or that she really shot her Caribou from a distance of 120 yards instead of 123).

Our job is simple: once the emails post, we need to click the links for each paper (cited in previous paragraph) and send both of them an email (or emails) about the noteworthy information we found. But instead of sending something from Palin’s emails, send them your favorite line from a Charlton Heston speech or movie. Or send them your favorite line from your favorite song or from a piece of classic literature.

Even if both papers figure out what’s happening rather quickly, the knowledge that we’ve sent random information will them force to research and verify every email (and re-open and re-research those which they took for granted upon receiving them). In turn, this will ruin all their fun and shut this little experiment down before it even gets rolling.

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The WaPo is limiting the number of persons who are allowed to read and comment to only 100.
I don’t know what the NYTimes is doing.
But it appears this antic worked.
I was able, just before the 100 person limit went in, to email the WaPo and ask them when the LATimes was going to release from their vault the recording of Obama praising the Muslim at that dinner.
No answer.

Thank you for the opportunity to let those punks know how despicable they are. I’m 74 and have never seen anything like the vile way they treat Sarah Palin and her children.

Both papers are Bolshevik mouthpeices who tremble at the prospect of a Palin presidency!

To: WaPo, NYT
Guys, guys. Lucy Ramirez is still out there. She bet on the incompetence and corruption of C BS. And she was right. She’s right about you, too.

What a worthy cause! Forget about research into the multiple social security #s of our Prez. Or don’t do any research into his birth certificate with more layers than French pastry. Why delve into the authorship of Dreams of My Father, or his passport, medical records, travel records, records of his parents, or any other fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people. What honorable research–Sarah Palin’s email records. These people are idiots, liars, traitors, frauds themselves.

Stunning is’t it? Our country is dire straits and this is the ‘big news’ of late? This is the ‘big concern’ now??

The worker drones and minions around Queen Bee Sarah Palin… it’s pretty hilarious how they are all falling all over themselves… They are calling more attention to her and raising her popularity…Sarah however is having a hay day with the MSM…

This Obsession [and other recent episodes] by the [amoral] Far left Liberals removes any doubt that Liberalism [ is a Sickness ]!!

Sarah knows exactly what she is doing… you go Sarah… make em’ nuttier then they already are it’s fun to watch… [ pitiful] but fun!!

The LA times is pulling the same stunt.

I just emailed them Weiners Facebook transcript. Now that is some news. 🙂
Warning!! Very explicit language, and thats to put it lightly. Dont view if your delicate.