Pak Generals afraid US may now raid nukes


A vast majority of Pakistan’s military leadership is unhappy about the US operation that killed Osama bin Laden and fears that America will conduct similar raids in the future to target the country’s nuclear arsenal.

An assessment made by Indian agencies suggests that almost three-fourths of the Pakistani military brass is concerned about the way American helicopters crossed into Pakistani territory, carried out a surgical strike and left without informing either the Pakistani government or security establishment, Indian government sources said.

The finding, shared with leaders of the Indian government, is significant because of the deep ties Pakistan military has had with its American counterparts – a partnership forged in the Cold War and strengthened during the fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan which enabled Islamabad to extract generous assistance from the US.

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We need to kiss them good bye… We know have proof they are helping the bad guys.


This was the first known operational use of stealth helicopter technology. Even more interesting, I think, are reports that local electrical and cell phone service went dark as the helicopters arrived and came back up only as they departed. That’s probably giving a lot of people besides the Pakistanis pause for thought.

>>> Pak Generals afraid US may now raid nukes


Well, if Pakistan is taken over by those who support more radical Islam and the use of terror, is the world safer today under Obama? Remember we are sitting by and allowing Iran to go nuclear under this administration and democratic restrictions.

Under the plan for Osama hit, one option would have been a massive bombing of the compound to leave nothing but dust. This would not have exposed technology to turn out power and communication and stealth helo technology. We have been used drones. It would not have shown we can send troops into their country and get out without detection. We obviously had presence on the ground watching this compound who could have lasered in the attack to make colateral damage minimal. I understand that the military favored this option but were overruled because we needed to have troops to bring back solid proof we had killed him and that he was dead. But then the body is buried at sea and the photos are not to be released. So again, why did we go in with troops bringing about this and other issues??

SEALS IN AND OUT 45 MIN OBL eliminated with extreme predudice,graphic HEAD SHOT pictures taken,cache of valuable materials removed,women(except one or 2 human shield or over zealous wives) and 11 children unhurt.NO AMERICAN CASUALTIES.
Greta You gotta be a REAL OBAMA HATER TO FIND FAULT in this mission.
Semper Fi

People have been poo-pooed as crazies for decades over the existence of “black helicopters.” There is a reason that stealth aircraft are a flat-blackish color.