Our Newest Savior: Rick Perry?


I don’t mean that to make fun of anybody. I include myself in that “our.”

Me, personally? I am kind of really desperate for someone to come along I can just say “That’s the guy!” to. (Or “That’s the gal!”)

Is Rick Perry a possible “That’s the guy!” guy? I don’t really know.Allah seems jazzed.

[W]hy not Perry? He has more than a decade of experience leading one of America’s biggest states, can boast economic growth at a moment when voters are desperate for relief from the malaise, would enjoy key regional support as a southerner, has budget-cutting cred to spare that’ll please tea partiers, and flashes enough personality to make him easily stand out at debates against other top-tier candidates like Romney, Pawlenty, and Daniels.

Rick Perry has that great quality I look for in a candidate: I don’t know anything about him so I don’t have any reason to be against him.

Perry has that “X Factor,” and by “X Factor,” I mean: I have no real idea who the heck he is.

Perry has something other candidates don’t: I have not yet formed a hard opinion on why he is so awful.

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I live in Texas, and our taxes are still too high and our education system sucks. Perry is okay but he is not the messiah.

I felt the same thing about Bush.

Gary, if you wanted to vote for a Messiah, you should vote for Obama. After all, he has been portrayed as the Messiah in the MFM for almost 4 years now.

But if you want someone who understands basic economics, that you can’t tax people into prosperity, that you need to get off the backs of business to allow them to create jobs, that the 10th Amendment is just as valid today as it was when it was written, that there is a threat that The Won doesn’t want to talk about (Islmofascism), then Perry is your guy.

I’d like to see Perry enter the race. Right now I’m leaning towards Pawlenty and Cain. I’m not a huge Pawlenty fan, but I don’t see much else out there. I like Cain, he’s sharp and I think he’d kick Obama’s butt all over the debate stage.
Perry has made some pretty stupid mistakes, such as the executive order that all girls be vaccinated with Gardasil when they enter the 6th grade. But I’d still like to see him in the race.

@ retire05
Perry will have some ‘splaining to do, but I agree, I’d like to see him in the mix.

Perry 2012 “He doesn’t suck”

Aqua, please give me the name of another politican that you can rake over the coals for only two mistakes.

As a Texan who has voted for Perry in every general election, he has not been my primary choice. I have always felt that his convictions are political not genuine. He has never seemed an independent thinker although he has mostly voted the way I would want him to. I think he sticks his finger in the wind to determine which way it is blowing. Just my take on the guy.


Perry 2012 “He doesn’t suck”

and then there is:

Obama 2012 “He does”

He doesn’t need two mistakes to be raked over the coals my friend, just one. The LSM started busting republican candidates last weekend. Ron Paul – raaaaaacist. Newt – raaaaacist. Republicans don’t get to play by the same rules dims do. Here is how the debate will play out.
Gwen Ifill: Govenor Perry, you say you are for freedom and liberty, yet you signed an executive order forcing all girls entering the 6th grade to be vaccinated with Gardasil. How can this be considered freedon?
Perry: Well Gwen,….
Gwen Ifill: That’s enough from you raaaacist. President Obama, in your most awesomest moment of your most awesomest presidency, you did what George Bush could not do; you killed Osama Bin Laden with your bare hands. How did you do this?
Obama: Well Gwen, I’m just awesome.
Gwen Ifill: Thank you Mr. President.

Aqua, if you think Rick Perry could not handle the likes of Gwen Ifil, you don’t know Texas politics OR the Texas press. Publications like The Austin American-Statesman, The Dallas Morning News and the San-Antonio Light are some of the most left leaning liberal publications in America.

But here is the thing; Rick Perry gets invited to give a lot of speeches, some he accepts. And if you have never seen Perry take to the podium, folder containing his prepared speech in hand, and watch him flop it down, grab the mike, step away from the podium and give a rousing speech for 40 minutes that has everyone, conservative and liberal alike, on their feet for most of the speech, you have not lived. Perry is passionate, animated and knows more about federal government machinations than Obama will ever know. And he tells you how it is, all sans teleprompter.

Now, Ifil can try to paint Perry as a racist but that dog won’t hunt. Perry has recruited more Hispanics and blacks for the Republican Party of Texas than you can shake a stick at. Just ask Congressmen Conseco and Flores, as well as the encouragement Perry gave to Michael Williams (who I hope replaces Kay Bailey Hutchison). With Texas now a minority-majority state, Ifil would be “I fill my pants” going up against Perry.

I personally don’t want Perry to run, but it is for selfish reasons; I want him to continue acting in the best interest of one state, Texas.

Here is something that most people don’t know about Rick Perry; whenever a soldier from Texas is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, Rick Perry personally calls their families. On his own cell phone. He gives them his number and tells them that if they need anything to call him personally. It is the things a person does when no one is looking that marks the measure of a man.

retire05, we need you to stick around here,
bye, nothing wrong with RICK PERRY, and lets make it known the racist are on OBAMA SIDE
we all know that, the racist card, the in your face, and many more,


I don’t know that Perry would make a good president. I think he would. I know this much about him: he loves, absolutely loves this country. He is former military, he grew up in the real world (on a farm) in a little town even most Texans never heard of, he went to a state university (Texas A & M) and he has move saavy on economics than most governors. He is a free market Hayak believer. He understands foreign policy as he has to deal with the president of Mexico on a regular basis (not an easy task for a conservative from a border state). He does things that you would be proud of when no one is looking, like calliing the families of fallen heroes, because that is the kind of guy he is. His wife, Anita, is just as big hearted.

Here is another Rick Perry story: remember Marcus Luttrell from Lone Survivor fame? Well, Marcus was having a really tought time after he returned from Afghanistan. A trauma like that would make anyone a little off center. So Rick and Anita took Marcus in. They gave him things to do and made sure he got to San Antonio for all his medical visits. Rick, having also been in the military, had long talks to the wee hours with Marcus about the aftershock of Marcus losing all his team members. After Marcus moved back home, some thug teenagers killed his dog, the rehabilitation dog Marcus was given at Walter Reed. What happened then can be found on the internet. What is not reported is that Marcus called Rick on his cell phone and told Rick that punks had killed his dog. Rick sent the Texas Rangers to intercept the thugs. They are now in jail. When Rick Perry tells you he’s a friend and will always be there for you, he means it. It is not just empty words he says before he throws you under the bus. Now, Rick and Anita have taken in even more Navy Seals who have had tramatic experiences, trying to help them like they did Marcus.

You ever read about that in any newspaper? No, and you won’t. Like I said, the measure of a man is what he does when nobody is watching.

I know this much. Rick Perry is a good man. Yeah, he’s made a few mistakes, but so has every other candidate whose running. But it is time that we have a really good person in the Oval Office, so if Rick decides to run, he not only has my vote, I will work my tail off for him.

retire05, yes I know why CURT IS fond of him, RICK HAS THE RIGHT STUFF,
RICK has better make his mind now, because AMERICA need him, desperatly,
he can do what he must do for his COUNTRY,
CURT please give him a call
retire05 A person of merit is on call from the AMERICAN to rise on the highest seat,
to save the and restore the wounded AMERICA, we can help him to choose his close group of helpers other good people we can trust
to achieve the enormous task he will meet the devil himself, so we will stand behind to protect him.