Oporno Bin Laden


It wasn’t just plots to kill Americans that got a rise out of him.

It turns out that terror titan Osama bin Laden had a stash of smut to liven up his lair.

Investigators poring over the tons of files, computer drives and other recordings hauled out of bin Laden’s million-dollar bunker in Abbottabad, Pakistan, discovered a triple-X-rated porn collection “of modern, electronically recorded video” that is “fairly extensive,” it was reported yesterday.

It may have been just what the terror chief needed to rev up for the three wives he lived with in the hideaway that Navy SEALs stormed May 2, killing him with two shots.

The SEALs also found a supply of herbal Viagra — a wild oat extract known as Avena syrup — at bin Laden’s bedside.

The XXX-rated flicks were found on the 100 thumb drives, DVDs and computer discs, along with 10 computer hard drives and five computers that the SEALs removed from bin Laden’s compound after killing him.

Everything about the secret life of the world’s No. 1 terrorist was at odds with his public persona.

While his jihad followers lived in caves and dodged drone strikes, bin Laden darkened his graying beard, and obsessively monitored his mentions in the media — and likely took in a good peep show.

Read all about it here

So much for that Islamic purity.

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“Bad Boy Benny”, NO virgins for you in Never-Never Land!