Olbermann Is Back; Broadcast Obscurity Awaits


He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack…. but on an obscure channel no one can find.

The Daily Kos [ The “Sad Sackians”]  ruminate about why Verizon has quietly moved Current TV out of the “basic tier” service.  Ironically, or perfectly, this occurred on the exact same day that Keith Olbermann announced his return, so to speak, to the airwaves [such as they are] at Al Gore’s Current TV.Current TV has…..maybe….23,000 viewers in PRIME TIME ]

So loyal viewers of the Uber-Douche [ all  11 of them including Aunt Ethel]  will have to PAY extra to watch him……..oh the humanity!

Read the lamentations here. Joe Garofoli at the liberal San Francisco “Fishwrappuh,” has done further research on how/where/when to watch Keith on Current and finds….it’s complicated.

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