Obama’s the only reasonable person, in his own mind


I was right, mostly. The serious, conciliatory Obama showed up at the press conference today. The only reasonable person in the room was the theme.

I was wrong to the extent that in his opening statement and throughout Obama framed the issue as the Republicans not being serious, not living up to their word in trying to tackle the deficits, not wanting to deal with an issue that must be dealt with “if not now, when?” It was the fist covered with a velvet glove.

There also were some comments peppered throughout about Democrats not wanting to deal with entitlements. But such comments were few and far between.

Mostly it was Obama pushing the theme of “I’m reasonable” and they are not. We need to “eat our peas” and “pull off the bandaid,” he said, with plenty of class warfare, bringing up the “corporate jet owners” and oil companies again.

It also was a rewrite of history. A completely irresponsible president who just months ago proposed a budget with devastating deficits, repeatedly demanded that the deficits and debt be dealt with now, without any delay. Where has he been for two years?

“Part of what the Republican caucus needs to recognize is that government works when …. we’re able to make sensible compromises….” Like Obamacare and Stimulus? Like almost everything this administration has done for two years? Like how Obama lashed into Republicans after Paul Ryan proposed a solution to the Medicare problem?

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The blogger makes an excellent point.
today Obama actually had the nerve to say:
“It is hard to persuade people to do hard stuff that includes trimming benefits and increasing revenues. . . . Reason we have a problem now is people keep avoiding hard things.”
* Pass a federal budget. The Senate, run by Democrats has not done so in over 800 days.

* Presenting a federal budget that can muster at least one vote in the United States Senate. No Senators voted for the only detailed budget Obama released this year.

* Presented a plan to ensure Medicare’s solvency. (If you look “at the numbers,” the president said today, “Medicare in particular will run out of money, and we will not be able to sustain that program no matter how much taxes go up. I mean, it’s not an option for us to just sit by and do nothing.”) Neither President Obama nor the Democratic leadership of either House has presented such a plan.

Words are easy.
Even Obama said so when he stole the ”Just words” speech.
Acts are hard.
Obama is lazy.