Obama’s stealth foreign policy advisor


It’s Fareed Zakaria, the author of “A Post-American World.”

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria admitted on Thursday that he has been having regular discussions with President Obama about national security and foreign policy.

Asked by Eliot Spitzer on Thursday’s “In The Arena” if Obama has been calling him up lately, Zakaria said, “mostly it’s been face-to-face meetings…usually organized by Tom Donilon, the national security adviser.”

He said Obama was spending a lot of time “thinking about the issues of the Arab Spring,” and added, “it’s been a very thoughtful conversation. You know, we’ll see where it goes.”

I can’t think of a better adviser for Obama than an anti-American blowhard.

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Check out today’s DBD


I guess Chavez, Castro, or Carter weren’t available…

I guess if two commentators on CNN go public on the air with the fact that one of them sees Obama often and advises him on foreign policy ….it is stealth since no one watches either of their shows.

Seriously, this man is so anti-American it scares me that he has so much air time…..much less Obama’s ear.

What it tells me is that Obama has no clue where he stands on anything unless someone tells him.
Is Fareed contributing to what’s on the teleprompter yet?