Obama’s golf course is not affected by shutdown



Grocery stores on Army bases in the U.S. are closed. The golf course at Andrews Air Force base is open.

All 128 employees of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. are working, while 3,000 safety inspectors employed by the Federal Aviation Administration are off the job.

The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing new pharmaceuticals. The National Institutes of Health is turning away new patients for clinical trials.

The seeming randomness of the U.S. government’s first shutdown in 17 years can be explained in part by anomalies in the spending Congress does and doesn’t control. Activities funded by fees from drug, financial-services and other companies are insulated from year-to-year budget dysfunction. The ones that get a budget from Congress get hit.

“What’s really happening in America is that the appropriations process has completely failed,” said Elaine Kamarck, a senior fellow in governance at the Brookings Institution in Washington who worked in the White House during the last shutdown in 1995-96.

This isn’t government according to U.S. civics textbooks. Government is supposed to collect taxes, the president is supposed to propose each year how to spend the money, and Congress has the final say with the constitutional power of the purse.

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I’m sure he will be heading there any day now….O fraud will take his thumb out of his mouth and then use it to thumb his nose at everyone… before AND after his round of golf…such an ass hat…

The fact that the skies are not raining down apocalyptic fire, that people are not overwhelmed with panic, and the financial markets are continuing to run should be a clear signal that our government is overrun with horrendous political pork and useless patronage positions. If we had an honest press, this government shutdown would give excellent indicators of which federal departments can be permanently shutdown, so that the federal leviathan can be shrunk down, spending brought within a realistic budget, and taxes lowered to pay for those functions of the federal government which are actually enumerated within the Constitution.

The fact that Obama is allowing the attempts to close down the open-air WWII Memorial with temporary barricades while maintaining his Air Force golf course is yet another example of his arrogant lack of character and total absence of leadership. He is nothing but a petty tyrant, and the eternal shame of our once great nation that he was ever elected to federal office of any kind.