Obama’s Commerce Nominee Calls For “Zero-Carbon Power”


Yesterday President Obama announced the nomination of John Bryson to head up the Commerce Department, calling him a “fierce proponent of alternative energy”. I pulled a clip of Bryson speaking at CalTech last year which demonstrates just how “fierce” a proponent he is. Is the nation ready for zero-carbon power generation?


Source: CalTech (clip starts just over one hour in)

Apparently the GOP has already pre-announced that they would block any Commerce nomination until pending free-trade agreements with Columbia and Panama have been completed, but it seems Bryson’s views on energy and climate change should be called into question as well.

Does the President believe that climate change represents such an imminent threat to our security that we need to begin moving immediately towards the elimination of all carbon-based power production? If he does than he should say so, clearly, and explain to the nation the peril we face, and what his plans are for the energy sector.

If the President doesn’t share these views than why is he nominating someone who does? This is not a green jobs advisory role like Van Jones was hired for, this is the Secretary of Commerce for the entire country.

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