Transparency From Obama Admin? Not So Much


The official appointed by the Obama Administration to promote transparency at the Department of Homeland Security has long warned that the agency violates public records laws when data is considered “politically sensitive” by her bosses.

The damaging information has come to light thanks to a news outlet’s relentless effort to expose a scandal involving how the administration blocks the release of public records at the agency. A separate story last week revealed that a senior career employee suffered retaliation for blowing the whistle on political appointees who illegally interfered with public records requests at the Department of Homeland Security. The official (Catherine Papoi) worked as a deputy unit chief in charge of handling public records requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Papoi told the Homeland Security Inspector General that hundreds of public records requests had been illegally sidetracked to Obama advisers because the documents were considered politically sensitive. The administration officials delayed release and demanded information about the watchdog groups, journalists and others requesting the materials. If a member of congress requested documents, Homeland Security employees were ordered to specify if it was a Republican or Democrat who put in the order. Papoi, a veteran Homeland Security lawyer, got demoted for denouncing the wrongdoing.

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Has one ever heard of the “emperor’s new cloth’s” Well, in the end, the emperor was so naked that his enite country was laughing at him. Today it is not only a counrty but the world. No doubt opie has a very small …. How naked does ..opie look and how dumb. After billions of dollors on the “Lybian War”, a few thousand missiles fired into the country, and now the US is pulling out..Where is General Patarus and all the the big butt admirials of the navy? One has to recall only a few short days ago, of how Pataras, hoping for that 5th star, and all those big navy admirals touting the efficiency of the modern day “fire power” of the the US.. would enhance the rebel movement to overthrow that mean dictator that big ears nad big mouth opie call a “friend” less than a year ago. Oh, news flash. His limo has a free pass for carbon emissions granted by the EPA. As readers will recall, members of the EPA were major doners to his election efforts..Reecent demonic legislation giving greater and unconstutional powwer to the EPA can seen as a gift for his limo. The movie ” Duck Soup”, one really has to look at it, to appreciate the nakeness and stupidity of the current administration. Holter must really shave off the penciled int mustach.. see the movie and appreciate why the mustache should go.. Hint! In Duck Soup, the Nazi’s expansion into wester europe was the theam..and the stupidity of rossevelt..oh the democrats will never be under sold on brains or diplomacy..Where is Rice when you need a good Sec of State,, and not a burt out looking and acting hooker..