Obama just as brave as the SEALS



But he made that decision to go without telling Pakistan and that took some real courage, as much courage as our Navy SEALs did in pulling off a near flawless operation.

via Jim Hoft

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And you all thought he was just a plain old dumb, idiot. No, he is a NPD, NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER, in additions to being a dumb idiot. The tree hugger democrats in Ca., want to erect a phallic statue of him for saving the world. This operation occurred at a high level of security clearance than “brainless” has. He had no decision process in creating it or ordering it. When the time came for the “fireworks” to begin, he was told to sit down, shut up and look like he was doing something other than “picking his nose”. Medial hype only, clueless, useless, dumb and above all stupid and a very real and dangerous NPD. Smile America…you have been had again.

Dr J. fyi The lady being quoted one Wendy Chamberlain is a career diplomat appointed U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan in August of 2001 by George W Bush.

@rich wheeler: That doesn’t make it less stupid, Rich. Perhaps she’s vying for another position and figures Obama’s sucker for adoration.

Dr J. Agreed.Who gives a— what this lady thinks.

You might call it an Obamination.

Dr.J. The question is who is wasting more time. You posting it or me responding to it.LOL
Carpe Diem