Obama Implements Rejected DREAM Act


By “Lawless” Executive Action

The DREAM Act went up for a vote; it was killed by a vote.

That’s how we do things in America.

Or it was. B.O., or Before Obama.

I.C.E has announced changes to its deportation program. Agents are now specifically urged to consider whether an illegal is studying in high school or college or is serving or did serve in the military.

“Specifically urged” means “don’t do it if you want to keep your job or get promoted.”

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Meanwhile, today the Larado news is reporting that three Mexican military trucks, filled with Mexican military, crossed over Bridge #2 on the Texas/Mexican border entering Texas. It is reported that the Border Patrol was unsure how to procede on the international violation. When the Mexican government was contacted, it said that its military was simply lost and didn’t realize they were crossing the international boundry.

What a load of horse hockey. The bridges between the two nations in Larado are clearly marked to show when you are entering the U.S. But then, Mexico has been dumping its dredges into our nation for so long that having their military invade is simply a continuation of the process.

Late Breaking News!

House votes down measure giving President Obama authority
to continue U.S. military action in Libya (Fox News)

But, if you notice, this doesn’t stop Obama.
He always finds a go-around.
This chart is going to have to be updated.

If you read how hitler, stalin, chavez et al came into power – barack, barry, steve or whatever his name is, is doing the same thing. He has to be stopped. Is there anyone in the congress or senate that has a pair? Don’t they really care about the United States? have they forgotten why they were voted into office? Are the people of the United States that stupid? Our country is very fast becoming a dictatorship.

Obama is following the example of Woodrow Wilson’s administration.