Obama exit strategy: sticking around


Barack Obama tried to convince Univision last night that the US has an exit strategy from the Libya conflict, and that strategy is to, er, stick around and fight.  Jake Tapper calls it a Lewis Carroll moment, while others might consider it more Orwellian:

In an interview with Univision Tuesday, President Obama re-defined the term “exit strategy,” and said our exit strategy in Libya would begin this week.

“The exit strategy will be executed this week,” President Obama said, “in the sense that we will be pulling back from our much more active efforts to shape the environment. We will still be in a support role. We will be supplying jamming, intelligence and other assets unique to us.”

Planes in the air? Ships in the Mediterranean? Intelligence being provided? Doesn’t sound like an exit strategy at all.

Even before this conflict, people expressed puzzlement over what an Obama Doctrine that would explain his foreign policy would comprise.  That ambiguity, sold as “nuance” before the Libya attack, now looks more like a chaotic muddle:

But on Libya, Obama’s opacity is coming back to haunt him, as critics from both parties press him on his rationale for taking action and for a more specific articulation of his vision for American goals and aspirations in the Mideast and elsewhere.

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Speaking of Obama, have you heard the latest? Fox is reporting that Obama wants to replace FBI Director, Robert Mueller, with, of all people, now get this: Jamie Goerlick …, you know, the same Jamie Goerlick who took a $26,000,000.00 pay-off from Fannie Mae under peculiar circumstances just before they were bailed out , and the same Jamie Goerlick who ordered the “wall” that prevented the CIA and the FBI from exchanging info that could have prevented 9/11. Yeah, THAT Jamie Gorlick!!! It boggles the mind. First Holder, then Sotomeyer and Kagan, and now Goerlick.