Obama Defies Court, Implementation Continues


On January 31st, when Judge Roger Vinson declared the individual mandate of ObamaCare to be unconstitutional, he also determined that the legislation could not be severed from the rest of the legislation, nullifying the entire law. This means that, unless and until a higher court stays or overturns Judge Vinson’s decision, ObamaCare is no longer the law of the land.

Similarly, all regulations derived from the health care takeover have been voided by Judge Vinson’s ruling, and every bureaucrat at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS), Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS), and any other affected agency must stop what they are doing this instant.

The White House has yet to follow the law as expressed by the court and ensure that every single employee of the executive branch does the same.

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I expected no Less from the most Constitutionally Illiterate Regime ever.
The best that can come of this is for SCOTUS to hear the Case and Shut down
this illegal and illegitimate Power Play by this current Regime.

The Idiots that voted for this UnConstitutional POS should be recalled from Office.
The Idiot that signed it into Law should be held responsible and removed from Office.
They are determined to create a Constitutional Crisis. They now have one.

Refer to The Enumerated Powers for the skinny on this. It was clearly Over Reach and Meddling.

Nothing this scumbag president does surprises me anymore. Rule of law for thee, but not me. I relish the day this jerk gets his legal comeuppance. He will fall hard.

Thomas Sowell on “Judicial Activism”


I recommend it. It pretty much captures the Current Theme of the Current Regime from a guy that I greatly admire for seeing through the BS and calling it as He very adeptly sees it. It is a good read.

So how many laws does an administration have to defy and break before they are held accountable. Or is a Liberal Dem Admin simply given a pass until they leave office and then they are deemed untouchable?