Obama appointed judge moves to protect Hillary Clinton from Durham


A U.S. District Court judge said Hillary Clinton’s tweets claiming former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia will not be admitted as evidence in the trial against her 2016 campaign lawyer.

Judge Christopher Cooper on Wednesday denied Special Counsel John Durham’s request to allow the tweets in the Michael Sussmann upcoming trial for lying to the FBI.

He ruled that Clinton’s tweets would be excluded as hearsay and that it would be ‘duplicative of other evidence,’ the Washington Examiner reported.

The two tweets come from October 31, 2016, when Clinton highlighted a Slate article uncovering the Trump Organization’s alleged communications with the Kremlin-tied Alfa Bank, allegations that have since been heavily scrutinized by the FBI yielding to no further action by authorities.

‘It’s time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia,’ Clinton had tweeted at the time.

‘Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank,’ she added in a follow up tweet.

Prosecutors – led by special counsel John Durham – said the source of the article and allegations against the Trump Organization stem from Sussmann.

Clinton tweets claiming Trump colluded with Russia dismissed in court


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What do you do when an investigation EXONERATES Trump of Russia Collusion?

Double down and just keep saying it happened after it was prove it wasn’t.

Pathetic. Hillary should be in jail. If they investigated her the way they invent crimes for Trump, she would be.

Obama,Biden and both the Clinton’s are Traitors as well as being Democrats

I remember Comey reading off Clintons crimes with classified information.

What the judge is saying is that we all know Hillary lies with every utterance; we don’t exactly need ANOTHER example.

‘There is a real danger that if the tweet were admitted, the jury would believe that Hillary Clinton herself was part of the Special Counsel’s uncharged conspiracy and that she had a direct interest or involvement in Mr. Sussmann’s efforts. 

You mean that that one tweet would notify the jury of the REALITY that this was all generated, motivated and disseminated at Hillary’s orders? Well, we can’t be having THAT, can we?

And while the Obama appointed judge is moving to protect Hillary from Durham, Durham is moving to protect the Deep Staters in government. They were all willful co-conspirators in this. The narrative being presented is that the DS’s were the victims.