Obama admin urges cable companies to carry Al-Jazeera


AL Jazeera is filled with anti-American propaganda. It is also awash in anti-Semitism. The material broadcast stokes terror and violence.

Why would the person who Barack Obama appointed to be the Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, Juliette Kayyem, advocate American cable companies carry the channel-a channel that cannot help but inflame tensions and anger and one that is not known for unbiased accuracy.

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Our satellite tv carried Al Jazeera for a long time before Obama even came to office.
The channel that carries it also runs shows about how to make countries oil-free by 2020, Mosaic tv (more Middle Eastern ”news” in English), 1/2 hour shows about various Muslims, basically all Muslim stuff all day.
Foisting this into even more American homes won’t make more people watch it, as it is complete garbage.
But, if you are into propaganda, or have a school assignment to find and dissect some propaganda, it is a great channel.
Just turn it on and wait a few seconds.

Maybe they’ll have a show where people call in to ask a cleric for personal advice, or a dating service, or maybe some sort of shopping channel.

What did you expect from a terrorist in the whipe house. After years in the middle east, the working of Al-Jezeere are fictional. The lies and behaviour of the the alleged news agency is notorious for racism, terrosism, and out right lies and fabrication of stories. They are a primary arm of the Obama in the middle east with propaganda reporting at the level of both the CIA and NSA. Look closely at H.Clinton’s behaviour during her last meiddle east visit..and you will see more than a thread of cooperation. “Never under estimate the stupidity of the American People” ..Merk Twain


Spelling fixed:

Maybe they’ll have a show where people call in to ask a cleric for vice, or a hating service, or maybe some sort of chopping channel (like in removing body parts).

An entity that presents an inflamatory version of one language for their supporters and targeted people yet a watered down version to fool the gullible in the West should not be allowed unless the inflamatory version is translated accurately by third party and required to be presented also. Kinda like a national defense.

Have you ever watched Al Jazeera English—which I think is available everywhere via satellite television (contrary to the information stated in the original article) or are you just parroting The American Thinker? Maybe some of your readers could use a little objective information about Islam and the Middle-east.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):
The real question should be, have you ever compared what Al Jazeera English says to us versus what Al Jazeera Arabic says to the people of the Islamic umma?
I would suggest you check out MEMRI TV, searching its data base for Al Jazeera aired pieces.
Like for instance:
#2359 – Hamas Leader Khaled Mash’al: Arab and Muslim Leaders Should Use Iraqi and Afghan Resistance to Intimidate the U.S.
Al-Jazeera TV

#2325 – Islamic Scholar Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: US Responsible for Attempted Airplane Bombing
Al-Jazeera TV

#2401 – Libyan Leader Mu’ammar Qadhafi: Jihad Should Be Declared against Switzerland, a Sinful Infidel Country

#2448 – Masoud Sharaja of the Islamic Human Rights Commission: By Buying Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Motorola Products, You Are Giving Money to the Killers of Your Brothers
Al-Jazeera TV

#2431 – Turkish Politician Bayram Karachan in Istanbul: Death to America
Al-Jazeera TV

Plenty more where all of that came from.
None of this ran in English.