Noted FBI informant blames I-pad for job losses


Noted FBI informant Jesse Jackson Jr. blames the I-pad for loss of thousands of jobs.


Not long ago the solution to unemployment was the I-pod.


It’s tough being an FBI informant.

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I am guessing that Jesse Jackson Jr missed Macro Economics in school.

As technology advances, low skilled jobs will be replaced by technology. And those jobs will be replaced with people who know different technology.

For example, I would suspect that Mr. Jackson would lament the loss of the buggy repairman when the car was taking over. And he would chastise people for not wanting buggy whips, too.

If there’s no skill in being a librarian, or being a retail sales person, then don’t lament their job losses. Why no talk about the jobs Apple created (sales people, engineers, software developers, and yes, some manufacturing jobs in China). Then he could also talk about all those companies that sprang up around the iPad creating accessories, software, and services. But, he is focused on the past.