No More Business as Usual: Republicans Ratchet Up Pressure in Senate


by Rob Bluey

Two weeks after Democrats gloated over the guilty verdict of former President Donald Trump, six Senate Republicans are vowing to exact revenge for the Biden administration’s use of lawfare to target a political opponent.

Their target: 44 nominees of President Joe Biden who are awaiting Senate confirmation.

The six GOP senators—JD Vance of Ohio, Mike Lee of Utah, Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Roger Marshall of Kansas, and Eric Schmitt of Missouri—joined forces Thursday with a commitment to block confirmation of the nominees.

Tuberville, who last year delayed the promotions of military officers over a dispute with the Biden administration, is now using his ability as a senator to stop the Democrat-led chamber from swiftly confirming Biden’s nominees.

This time, he’ll have more Republicans to back him up.

“Every signer is pledged to defend against attempts to fast-track the confirmation of Biden nominees,” the senators wrote in their letter. “This will be accomplished through a joint effort and not be reliant upon a single Member’s willingness to hold every nominee.”

They added:

In a continuing response to the current administration’s persecution of President Donald Trump, we will not allow the fast-tracking of any Biden Article III court judicial nominees, as well as Biden U.S. attorney nominations.

Further, we will not permit the fast-tracking of nominees who have suggested the Trump prosecutions were reasonable, endorsed President Trump’s guilt in these sham proceedings, joined or supported organizations that celebrated the indictment of President Trump, supported the ‘get-Trump’ candidacy of Alvin Bragg, or supported lawfare or censorship in other ways.

This complement to the pledge of May 31 will last until Election Day, when the American people will have the opportunity to decisively reject attempts to settle political disputes through the legal system.

That earlier pledge, issued shortly after a New York jury’s guilty verdict of Trump, promised to oppose Democrats’ legislative priorities and nominations.

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Shut it down. Block everything. Gridlock is good when democrats control a house of Congress.

Every nominee should be asked if they denounce the fascist lawfare used against Democrat’s political opponents. If they don’t denounce it or will not provide a clear answer, they should be blocked. Period. The default assumption should be that if Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden nominated the person, they MUST be a scumbag that hates America and the Constitution. That should be the starting point.