New Obama PR effort: I’m totally pro-Israel


Obama’s top presidential campaign advisers are putting together a plan to go on the offensive against critics of his stance on Israel, I’m told, and are assembling a team of high profile surrogates who are well respected in the Jewish community to battle criticism in the media and ensure that it doesn’t go unanswered.

Obama’s supporters say the plan is in effect an acknowledgment that conservative attacks on Obama’s Israel stance have made defections among Jewish voters and donors a possibility they must take seriously. Obama’s advisers see a need to push back even harder on the attacks than they did in 2008, in part because Obama now has a record on the issue to defend — a record that even Obama’s supporters concede has not been adequately explained.

A group of well-known figures in the Jewish community has been in discussions with senior Obama adviser David Axelrod about how to respond to the criticism, which is expected to intensify as the campaign heats up. Among them: Alan Solow, the former head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations; former Congressmen Mel Levine and Robert Wexler; and executive Penny Pritzker.

“We will have highly credible spokespeople and surrogates speak out in a general manner in support of what this administration has done, and articulate it in a way that we think will resonate with voters who care about this issue,” Solow said in an interview. “We will meet with supporters who have expressed concerns or want to be briefed on these issues on a one-on-one basis.”

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A PR effort.
People are totally buying it, too.
OK not!
Obama is not only at -16 point spread between those who strongly approve of his/those who strongly disapprove of him, BUT people remember how often he left out our CREATOR when he’d ”quote” the Declaration of Independence.
Ninety percent (90%) agree that “we are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Yes that’s why he doesn’t have Samantha Powers in his administration…oops. Obama is an anti-Israel anti-semite.
He’s fine with liberal Jews that are liberals first, second, and third and pro-Israel last since they are more than willing to toss Israel to the wolves.
A jew that wants to defend Israel? He’s not interested in what you have to say.

Penny Pritzker? Really? The head of Obama’s campaign finance? Gee, considering the number of illegal donations that flowed into the Obama campaign from people like DooDad Pro, and other foreign moneys from his Palenstinian phone banks, we understand why Pritzker, whose family’s bank went belly up leaving stockholder’s with nothing to hold but the bag, would be in charge of trying to convince wealthy Jews to continue to donate so that we can have another four years of a man who should probably be in jail, and not the Oval Office.