NASA Targets ‘Climate Kids’ With New Global Warming Website


NASA, the government agency that put a man on the moon and sent robots to Mars, is turning its focus around and working on spreading information among the public about the earth’s apparent impending doom. A new agency website dubbed “Climate Kids” has “NASA’s eyes on the earth.”

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Why is indoctrination of children so accepted by Americans?
Children should be taught HOW to think critically.
They should NOT be taught WHAT to think uncritically.
One more generation of these-so-called ”educated” children and we will be in REAL trouble.
Oh, and how ”green” is revolution, like in Egypt?

I anually am a judge at the El Paso County Science Fair. It is evident from the projects and the procedures that our best 10% understand scientific principles, but the rest are emulating our supposedly scientific organizations like NASA. When I pose reasons for the results they got but didn’t address, the students just look at me with empty eyes. This is scary! Now NASA and Hanson are promoting the empty eye (empty head) look.