Napolitano wants new terms to describe “failure”


Saying the measure of “operational control” of U.S. borders is obsolete, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Congress on Wednesday that the Obama administration is trying to come up with a new yardstick to better reflect the improvements it says it has made.

With the Government Accountability Office, Congress’s chief watchdog, saying less than half of the southern border is under operational control, the Obama administration has been distancing itself from that measure for more than a year.

” ‘Operational control’ it’s an archaic term,” Miss Napolitano told the Senate Homeland Security Committee. “The fact of the matter is that we need a more quantitative and qualitative way to reflect what actually is occurring at the border.”

…“Everybody seems to agree it’s not feasible to achieve operational control as it’s defined there,” said committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent. “Either we have to come up with another definition or we have to set some sort of standards for getting closer to operational control.”

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Well if the most appropriate term of “total dereliction of duty” is not good enough, how about:
“Calculated incompetence”?
“Agenda-oriented malfeasance”?
“Political lawlessness”

We all knew she was a dumb, unless, political air head.. but the some how captures the raw, stout, blatant stupidity of a person who was useless in the private sector and has demonstrated her uselessness even more in the public sector. These coments apply to hitler, no it is holter. She needs to be fired and banned from this country..Yes! ship her fat ass to mexico..she loves mexico…the drug cartel would love to play with her…she personifies this administrations arrogance and stupidity…just look at “big ear’s opie”..not a brain cell between them. Smile America, you are in the toilet and already have been flushed.

Why does EVERYBODY constantly miss spell her name?


I swear, every single day, if you look close enough, the pages of Atlas Shrugged seem to come alive.