Mumtaz Qadri and the ninth circle of hell


Mumtaz Qadri did not even look Salmaan Taseer in the eye when he shot him. He did not have the courage to face him; he did not have the courage to explain his betrayal because he has no courage at all. He is a coward, and a traitor

Salmaan Taseer’s assassination is an infinitely tragic event in so many ways; for his family and friends, for Punjab, for the PPP, for human rights, and perhaps above all for the much-beleaguered state of increasingly undemocratic and violence-prone Pakistan. That a politician could be killed for opposing what is obviously an unjust law is mind-numbing; that the killer would be praised by vast numbers of the religious right is demented. Intimidation, threats, calls to murder, this is what political life is about now in Pakistan. As always, violence only further emboldens cowards, who kill and threaten where they cannot reason and convince. Meanwhile, the government cowardly opposes any change to the Blasphemy law, once again hoping against all hope that appeasement will pacify the furious madmen who, literally, call the shots, when it so obviously has the exact opposite effect. Violence and cowardice seem to be the order of the day in Pakistan these days.

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One of the most frightening things about Islam is the propensity of its adherants to set their own standards for who is deserving of life or death.
There is no controlling legal authority in islam.
Any imam, cleric, sheik, mufti, ayatollah or mullah, or even political leaders or even mob leaders can declare anyone ”unislamic,” and therefore deserving of death.
In Punjab the gov. was declared a blasphemer and therefore an infidel, or kaafir.
Once declared that he was then automatically wajib-ul-qatal (literally, deserving of killing).
When a Muslim carries out this sentence there should be celebration, at the very most a mere slap on the wrist.
Stay up on the killer.
What ”punishment” is officially meted out.
What punishment actually happens.
Remember the planner of the Bali nightclub bombings?
He was let out for Ramadan after less thanone year!
Remember the planners of the bombing of the USS Cole?
They were allowed to escape, not once, but twice.