MSM Slams Palin for Writing @ 8th Grade Level


But Ignores Obama’s 7th Grade Level Speech…

The democrat-media complex is piling on Sarah Palin today for writing her emails at an 8th grade level.

The media was hoping for more thought out and sophisticated emails from the former governor.
The NY Daily News reported:

She may have attended four universities, but Sarah Palin still writes like an eighth-grader.

AOL Weird News gave two writing analytic companies samples of the former Alaska governor’s recently released emails and both agree that the Tea Party favorite writes as if she’s in middle school.

The 24,000 emails during Palin’s time as Alaska governor are still being sifted through. But the documents are filled with her famous folksy phrases like “holy moly,” “shindig” and “holy flippin’ crap.”

It turns out Palin’s writing skills are still better than most educated Americans. Global Language Monitor gave Palin’s emails a score of 8.2, which actually exceeds that of most chief executives.


Obama Speaks At Lower Grade Level Than Bush, CNN Says He’s ‘Too Professorial’

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Obama won’t release his college record so you know they are embarrassing: lower grades than Bush’s C average.

During all of my classes on writing, I was told to write to my reader. This is suppose to be the criteria of all written media. I understand that most everything the MSN writes is at the 6th grade level. What good does it do to write at a level that your reader will not understand. I shutter at the ignorance of the media these days!

I agree there are many eighth grade and middle school young people that can clearly compose and articulate higher levels of complex thought; unfortunately, much of the falsified tripe produced from many major publications fail to send the ball strong into the ad-court so that the other half adequately responds.

The NY Daily News is clearly suffering from Palin derangement syndrome. This is totally bogus and asinine. These are emails they are considering not novels or speeches. What will they examine next? Collections of Palin’s post-it notes? Frankly, I would doubt that there would be anyone who would pass a critical educational-level evaluation of their emails. Especially when it is considered that the two unnamed “writing analytic companies” received and evaluated an untold number of samples of Palin’s emails. We have no idea whether or not specific emails were selected that could have introduced a bias in the study. Even if random emails were selected, this is still unscientific as there is the element of chance.

Let’s see – the current occupant in the White House uses the phrase ‘F*ck the Jews’, and they worry about Sarah’s class, and integrity written phrases. Put that on a cale, and I’ll take Sarah any day of the week!

Palin used the phrase “holy flippin’ crap”?? Obviously, I can’t vote for her now.

You’re both wrong in your analysis of Sara Palin’s writing, because she doesn’t often write her own material–and when she does, it almost unintelligible.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

I suppose you are in her “inner circle” and know in-depth about the subject in which you speak? Then again, I’m not sure I’d believe the words of anyone who claimed that ‘Weinergate’ was a rumor by ultra-right-wing conservatives.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

because she doesn’t often write her own material

Sources please…

AYE Welcome back to the man that ALWAYS writes his own material.GOOD TO SEE YOU

BTW I believe an Iowa caucus win by Waterloo born Bachmann will keep Palin tanning in Arizona and ghostwriting(?) more memoirs.

@Aye: Welcome back. Don’t be such a stranger in these parts.