More Weiner Messages to Young Girls?


The other day, Tommy Christopher published an interesting article regarding two underage girls who had claimed to have incriminating DMs from Anthony Weiner. Christopher called the girls “Betty” and “Veronica” and said that they had admitted to him that they had lied. That may be . . . but there are some aspects of their claims (and those of their parents) that I think merit some examination.

In short, certain aspects of their claims sound fishy, and/or contradict other pieces of evidence that I have learned about. For example, one of the girls says in her statement that Weiner unfollowed her as a favor, to stop the harassment she was experiencing from Mike Stack aka goatsred, and Dan Wolfe aka PatriotUSA76.

That is not what she was saying at the time. At the time, she was angry at Weiner for unfollowing her. The details of this are set forth below.

Christopher’s piece needs to be questioned. There is evidence that what the girls are saying now is not true. Which could mean that what they were telling Stack at the time — that they had compromising DMs from Weiner — was true.


Let me quote from Tommy’s piece:

Shortly after the Weinergate story first broke, one of several red flags I noticed, and shared with Breitbart, was the fact that there was only one unique retweet of the picture. My back-and-forth on Twitter caught the attention of a young girl who had information about the story, and she contacted me. Since she is a minor, and at her parents’ request, I will identify her pseudonymously as Betty.

It was Betty who pointed out the activities of Dan Wolfe (@patriotusa76) and his clique, including a man named Mike Stack (@goatsred). She had a lot of information that I could not verify, but those facts that were independently verifiable formed the basis of our reporting on Wolfe Sunday afternoon. Wolfe and Stack, along with several others, had engaged in a campaign of harassing young, mostly-underage girls who were being followed by Rep. Weiner, as well as a constant stream of vitriol, homophobic innuendo, and rumormongering against Rep. Weiner. Betty was one of those young girls, and their unwanted attention, she says, caused her to shut down her Twitter feed.

Betty’s mother (we’ll call her Mrs. Betty) says that she and her husband monitor all of Betty’s internet usage, and were incensed by this group’s behavior. Rep. Weiner, she confirms, never contacted Betty privately, with the exception of a Direct Message welcoming her to his Twitter stream, a message Mrs. Betty assumed was automatically generated.

Just so it’s clear, it is “Betty” who brought up PatriotUSA76 (Dan Wolfe) and goatsred (Mike Stack).

Lee Stranahan did not bring up Stack or Wolfe first. “Betty” did. Which makes you wonder whether anyone had gotten to her. The more you read, the more you’ll wonder about that.


Moving on:

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All very over-my-head.
But this is not:
Yfrog confirms that e-mail upload feature “has not been compromised in any way”

In other words, one cannot upload photos to Yfrog with just a username, as some had alleged. Nor has Yfrog’s e-mail upload system been hacked or compromised. One might suspect from the quick and categorical conclusion to their probe that they may have some fairly convincing evidence of the origin of Rep. Weiner’s tweet and photo. If Weiner really is interested in getting to the bottom of this, he could ask Yfrog to release that information to the public, or at least send investigators to retrieve it and find the culprits.

Of course, a failure to do either makes it pretty clear that Weiner or someone he granted access to the account uploaded the picture and sent the tweet.