More of the new civility in Obama’s America




They aren’t content to demand to be heard. They also demand that you not be heard.

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Obama’s base – A New Low? This doesn’t surprise me. But, I really get curious as to what really fuels this kind of hate…. or are these just fringe people who are angry about their life anyway… perhaps they are just ‘unstable’ people prone to violence…

I really would have liked it if the film maker (who is very brave by the way) would have asked them what other Country (besides America) would they rather live in since they obviously HATE AMERICA so much…

That was an example of people who are very misinformed about the issues. Not to mention a severe hate anxiety, thus the need to project hate of things they little understand. I would pity them, but I saw no gun or knife forcing them to display such ignorance.


There’s a reason for the term…”union thugs.”

Not all union members behave that way, but the percentage that do are loud, obnoxious and can be dangerous. They sit around in the halls drinking and one bad idea leads to another, they get each other hyped up and then go out and behave badly.

My brother has been a Teamster since 1972, at one time he was an officer in his local. During election season the front lawn of the hall is always plastered with campaign signs, always, only for democrats. Someone in his local asked if he could put up a sign supporting a Republican, he brought it up for a vote, it was voted down and my brother received death threats.

Another time my father was on strike and one of his co-workers came to our home, drunk, he wanted my father to go with him to the homes of scabs and knock on their doors and walk away. The drunk would then hide beside the door so when the scabs came out he would hit them in the knees with a bat. My dad was speechless but, I wasn’t, I told him what an ignorant idea it was and to leave. Shortly after that, someone shot the front window out of our home right after my dad had just gone to bed. Had he stayed up a little longer, he could have been shot.

I’ve also read union literature most containing information that is so far from truth, but members believe every word of it. The union bosses are shameless, they will say anything to keep the members in line.


The machine is complete. Leftist pols providing inaccurate info, in the form of political rhetoric, promulgated by a complicit media machine dominating the print and airwave medias, all directed to union and non-thinking commoners who believe what they are told, and then in turn, spread the lies and half-truths amongst the population. And if you have a different viewpoint, then you are condemned by all of the above, ofttimes in hypocritical fashion(witness the actual, proven violence of the left versus the assumed and accused violence of the right).

This is a strange, and dangerous world we live in now, and it becomes ever increasingly dangerous to those who profess differing viewpoints than those in support of the statist machine. The first amendment’s guarantee of “free speech” rights used to mean just that. Can you imagine a publicly seen discourse by a liberal and a conservative, devoid of outbursts, thoughtful in their listening and response to the opposing person, without wildly thrown rhetoric muddying up the discussion? I can’t either.