Michigan Court Establishes ‘Blasphemy’-Free Zone for Islam


Islam gets special protections not afforded other religions

Writing at The Corner, Nina Shea recaps the latest in the saga of Terry Jones, who has been trying to take a peaceful, non-flammable protest of sharia and jihad to the sidewalk outside the largest mosque in America in Dearborn, Michigan only to be outlawed by the Michigan District Court. Like all other envelop-pushing cases, this latest incident serves as a stress test of the rule of law in our society. And, like most other such envelop-pushing cases, it proves that the rule of law is strong – only the law that is strong is sharia (Islamic) law.

The Michigan District Court’s egregious ruling against Jones is all about protecting Islam from criticism, rather than about protecting criticism from Islam, which is what US jurisprudence, not to mention the American Way, demands. It is sharia that the US court is enforcing.

The rest is here

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One of the jurors (Daniel Smith) admits they (the jury) were so scared of violence from Muslims that the 1st Amendment (or any other part of OUR traditional laws) mattered only secondarily.

@Nan G:

That, is the most disheartening thing I’ve seen in awhile, Nan.

Now John and Nan, try not to lose your heads over this…..er, um, uh……

Never mind!