McCain wants increased security after border agent is killed


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Thursday pressed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to tighten security along the southwestern border in the wake of an attack by a drug cartel in Mexico that killed a federal agent and wounded another.

“I am convinced, tragically, that if the status quo remains, that violence will continue to spill over onto our side of the border,” said McCain as he called for increased security measures.

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Too little too late.

McCain wants increased security after border agent is killed

Many Americans wanted increased security before border agents were killed.

I’m wondering if killing that border agent wasn’t the drug cartels retaliation against Napolitano’s speech in El Paso a few weeks ago. Another thing, why are those agents in Mexico without their side arms? Stupid is as stupid does.

Americans have been ‘pleading’ for our border along Mexico to be sealed for years. Get rid of the Super Rail agenda and use THAT money to get more miles sealed along the border. Is this a really hard decision? Not ONE agent should have been Killed, Not ONE AMERICAN should have been killed “ONE” is TOO MANY!