Maddow Lies: Black Juror Booted Because Of Confederate Flag


Rachel Maddow on Monday again demonstrated how absolutely pathetic a journalist she is.

Without anything in the court records to support her assertion – in fact, the transcript of the proceedings thoroughly refutes it – Maddow claimed on the MSNBC program bearing her name that an African-American man was tossed off a Louisiana jury in a 2009 murder trial because he protested the presence of a Confederate flag in front of the courthouse…

During the jury selection process, Mr. Staples restated his objection to the Confederate flag flying yards away. He told the courtroom that it was “a symbol of one of the most heinous crimes ever committed to another member of the human race and I just don’t see how you could say that. I mean, you’re here for justice and then again you overlook this great injustice by continuing to fly this flag.”

The prosecutor in the case moved to strike Carl Staples from the jury, saying that based on those comments, he could not be fair in the case.

…As I said earlier, every prosecutor worth his salt in this country would have stricken this prospective juror as soon as he said he couldn’t conceive of returning a guilty verdict in any case and couldn’t be fair or objective. That Maddow and Company misrepresented this was gross negligence on their part.

But their media malpractice didn’t end there for Maddow also said, “Carl Staples was taken off that jury specifically because of his stated objections to the Confederate flag flying outside the courthouse.”

Hogwash. The moment the examination of Staples began, he was asking to be excused. This request went to both the defense and the prosecution.

Staples was taken off that jury because he said he couldn’t return a guilty verdict on any case and could be neither objective nor impartial. Such statements would disqualify a prospective juror in every state in this nation. The transcript bears this out.

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Curt, as you are probably already aware of, I am a proud Texan. Now, most Texans are very familiar with our state history, good, and bad. So…………… that brings me to the whole “race” issue that the left wants to shove down our throats as they cleanse from history the part that is inconvenient.

In Texas, there is a town named Fort Clark Springs. It sits in an area next to the old Fort Clark. Fort Clark was the home of the [in]famous Buffalo Soldiers, who were all black Union soldiers. These were soldiers who came from the North, their sole purpose being the removal of the Indians from Texas. This is was just one army base assigned for the Buffalo Solders as they had a number of regiments across the southwest.

Now, research the Buffalo Soldiers and you will learn that they were some of the most decorated soldiers in the Indian Wars and how the Indians feared the Buffalo Soldiers. What you won’t be told, because it is politically incorrect, is WHY the Native Americans feared them.

Buffalo Soldiers were ruthless. They would raid villages when braves were on hunting expeditions and there was nothing there but women, children and old men. They would cut the breasts, and other private body parts, off the women and wear them, draped on their saddles or their uniforms, they cut the babies out of Indian women’s wombs and butchered the old men past recognition. And children were not exempt from their blood thirsty ways. Every child in the village was slaughtered. As we have visions of John Wayne riding through the Southwest, leading his valiant men into battle against the Native American (who is always portrayed as vicious, blood thirsty savages) but the truth of the matter is that it was the Buffalo Soldier who was responsible for much of the genocide against Native Americans. It was mass slaughter for which the Buffalo Soldiers were highly decorated.

My point in relaying this history is to show that the complete history of blacks in America is not always told. More innocent Native American women and children were slaughted by black Americans than there were blacks lynched in the aftermath of slavery. Have this conversation with any black American and they will look at you like you have just lost your mind because it is history that they have never been told.

No one race is completely innocent in how they have treated others. To continue the “race” meme is to propagate a history that is not completely told. Yes, blacks were slaves. Yes, in many cases they were mistreated. No, none of my family ever owned any and so I do not suffer from “white” guilt. And I resent the use of race as a trump card by liberals who have made that excuse old and tired. But what would happen if the truth of the Buffalo Soldiers was common knowledge? The use of the race card would forever be useless.