Libyan Forces Attack UK/Italian Embassies


VoA News: The Italian and British embassies in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, have been attacked in apparent retaliation for a NATO missile strike that was said to have killed one of leader Moammar Gadhafi’s sons and three young grandchildren. The unrest prompted the United Nations to pull its international staff out of Tripoli.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Sunday condemned the embassy attacks, which left the British mission badly burned. Hague said attacks on diplomatic missions violate the Vienna Convention, and he said his government is expelling the Libyan ambassador to Britain.
Italy confirmed its embassy was among several in Tripoli damaged by vandals. It accused Mr. Gadhafi’s government of failing to take measures to protect foreign missions. Most western countries had closed their Tripoli embassies and evacuated their staffs before the NATO military intervention began several weeks ago.

The United Nations said 12 international staff have been temporarily evacuated from Tripoli to Tunisia because of the unrest. The U.N. said the decision does not affect local staff or international personnel in rebel-held Benghazi.

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