Liberal Meltdown: Trump Turns San Francisco Fundraiser into a Goldmine


by Jeff Childers

Today’s final entry begins with Reuters’ refreshing story from late last week, headlined “Trump rakes in $12 million at tech fundraiser in liberal San Francisco.

Reuters seemed shocked — shocked! — that Trump’s post-conviction fundraising dinner, with seats selling for $300,000 each, in liberal San Fransisco, was sold out. Trump’s campaign looked to raise $5 million, but easily overshot that goal by more than double, netting over $12 million in one dinner.

That unexpected success, on top of Trump’s recent, massive rally in the Bronx, despite his legal troubles, are causing some to re-think the political landscape. This morning, Fox ran a provocative op-ed headlined, “How Trump cracked the code to penetrate the blue wall. The author argued that Trump is poised to capture traditional blue-city democrat constituencies, all the way from high-tech workers down to inner-city minorities and democrat blue-collar types, who feel written off by both political parties.

If Trump could shift the big blue cities, it’s all over.

“How many untapped votes,” the author wondered, “are there in the deep blue cities of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and elsewhere?” He suggested, as I have long said, that blue city governments’ anti-cop, pro-crime policies are making this election much more personal than possibly any presidential election in our lifetimes:

image 8.png

If President Trump stands for anything, it is commonsense, pragmatic solutions, like building a border wall. Biden, on the other hand, only offers complicated, nonsensical “solutions” like repeatedly defying the Supreme Court to pay off student loans with taxpayers’ money.

Trump, who can fairly be described as a marketing genius, seems to clearly sense an opportunity to create a generational shift. The fact that he knows is reflected in several recent headlines. Like last week’s headline from Fox:

image 9.png

Or this headline, also from Fox, published early last month:

image 10.png

The headlines also suggest Trump’s strategy seems to be working. For example, yesterday’s headline from deep-blue PBS:

image 12.png

Finally, shattering long-standing preconceptions about class-based politics, Trump is suddenly winning surprising support all across the economic spectrum. Yesterday’s headline from Bloomberg, e.g.:

image 11.png

Even though Bloomberg tried waving away all this post-conviction support as merely being billionaires voting for tax breaks, it started its story by admitting “Donald Trump entered the 2024 presidential race as a pariah on Wall Street and among the monied Republican donor class.” Not anymore though.

On the other hand, it is painfully difficult to scrape up any positive headlines about Biden polling well, anywhere. Here’s an example from Politico last week:

image 13.png

Biden’s fundraising among normal people — voters — is failing. Here’s another highly suggestive headline from Politico, just two weeks ago:

image 14.png

Maybe all those Biden problems are related to appalling absurdities, like Joe’s imitation of a wax dummy at a Juneteenth celebration this week:

image 18.png

CLIP: What on Earth is wrong with Joe Biden (0:55)?

Obviously, this kind of thing doesn’t bother the hyper-partisan members of the Democrat base. But equally clearly, Joe Biden is in no condition to compete with Trump for normal, sane blue-city democrat voters. He can’t walk that far.

It’s almost like folks are starting to realize that, sooner or later, the Democrats are going to get us all killed with their gain of function science, shrinkflation, proxy warmongering, mandatory medicines, wide-open borders, no-bail policies, and defunding police. People are voting for self-interest issues far beyond their personal pocketbook problems. Read the whole Fox op-ed, it will surely encourage you.

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I was really surprised to see Trump have so much success in San Fran.

Then I read that CA’s public schools have lost a staggering 25% of their students!
Some have been put into private schools but most have been rescued out of CA and into other states like Texas, Florida and others.

dem control of CA is an illusion.
dems maintain a stranglehold on CA politics because they changed the structure of elections from one of opposing parties on the ballot to one of “the top two,” on the ballot.
But the dem control of all levels of gov’t in CA belies the reality underneath of disenchanted people who feel they have no representation at all.
There are tons of disgruntled people still in CA thus the win for Trump in the fundraising.

It makes me wonder why in the smoky cigar fill backrooms, are the democrat strategists wanting to off load biden in exchange for the great white hope, newsom. CA is not a model for America unless you are part of the satanic cult wing of the democrat party.

Makes me wonder if most dems, from other states than CA don’t realize the CA system is gamed for dems to always win.
If they are that dumb, and, being from CA myself, I’d go so far as to think even many dems inside CA are that dumb, they think Gavin is some kind of super-politician who can win easily everywhere.
What a reckoning they are in for.
PS, joe is taking an entire week off from the presidency just to get his meds right and earphone right for the debate.

This is sure to upset sawdust for Brains Greg and Michael those two little snowflakes seem so upset when other don’t agree with their ideas

Grunts would say “SHIT FOR BRAINS….” i know; I ama kroud ex Grunt!

In the end, all Democrats do is melt down. They never consider WHY they are having to melt down. They are failures. What they do to the nation brings one disaster after another upon the American taxpayer. Here’s a thought: stop catering to the WORST of this nation and do something for the US taxpaying citizen for a change.

See that Gavin N has outlawed all Self-Checkouts in the state?
Too easy to walk out without paying.
As opposed to just bypassing lines and …. walking out without paying.

dems fail no matter what they do because they are always reacting to what mistakes they made before.

Drive around towns and see the joy that Gavin has brought to the unemployed, well the newly unemployed, formerly employed by fast food restaurants. Every closed fast food place should have a huge sign, “Closed by Gavin Newsom, X# now unemployed”


:proof that even “suites” now – some, by no means most – see liberals as bad.

Asa long time resident of MAHOGANY ROW; i can say mots of us were for Ronny and against GWB. Folk paying $300,000 fordinner only live on MAHOGNY ROE!

Clearly since i retired -decades- things have changed. CHANGE IS OFTEN BAD!