Kucinich’s “Fact”-finding Mission to Syria


The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted him as saying that Assad “is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians,” and warning darkly about “some who want to give a wrong picture about what is going on in Syria.”

But Kucinich said in a statement that SANA’s story didn’t accurately convey his remarks, though he refused to accuse the Syrian regime of willful distortion. “Arab-speaking friends accompanying me have explained that the problem may have come from a mistranslation,” the congressman wrote, noting the problem may also have stemmed from “the degree of appreciation and affection their state-sponsored media has for President Assad.”

“Given the stakes for Syria and the region, I will consider the article only an error, not a willful intent to mischaracterize my statements or my efforts in the region,” he said.

But that explanation doesn’t make any sense. Kucinich doesn’t speak Arabic, so his remarks were presumably in English, and SANA’s article is written in English — so no translation should have been necessary. Kucinich’s press office in Washington did not immediately respond to a query on this point. It seems eminently obvious that SANA was exploiting Kucinich’s presence as evidence of international support for the Assad regime — something the congressman should have known they would do before he arrived in Damascus.

Entire article here.

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Did Nancy lend him her headscarf?