Kloppenburg declares victory: 204 vote lead


Total votes cast: 1,479,976. Which means, assuming it holds up after the inevitable recount, the final margin would be … 50.0068% to 49.9931%. After spending six hours last night watching the tally see-saw on the AP’s election page, I’m actually surprised that we didn’t end up in a dead heat.

…Three bits of good news here. One: It was much closer than any of us thought it would be. I fully expected a four- or five-point Kloppenburg win given the left’s outrageously outrageous outrage over the collective bargaining law. A good omen for next year’s turnout. Two: As Kloppenburg’s own campaign acknowledges, because she won’t be sworn in until August, she probably won’t have a chance to rule on the collective bargaining law. She’ll be a stalwart hack for the left in opposing every other element of Walker’s agenda, needless to say, but on the key piece of legislation at stake, she’s likely arrived too late to do anything about it. And three: There is, I suppose, a chance of Prosser winning the recount, but after Norm Coleman and Joe Miller, how lucky do you feel?

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In 2004, John Kerry won Wisconsin over George W. Bush by 11,380 votes out of 2.5 million cast.
After allegations of fraud surfaced, the Milwaukee police department’s Special Investigative Unit conducted a probe.
Its February 2008 report found that from 4,600 to 5,300 more votes were counted in Milwaukee than the number of voters recorded as having cast ballots.
Absentee ballots were cast by people living elsewhere; ineligible felons not only voted but worked at the polls; transient college students cast improper votes; and homeless voters possibly voted more than once.

Unionistas spent 4 million dollars on this judge election costing $200,000 per vote at the margin and the issue is not settled.


Pro-Prosser forces outspent pro-Kloppenburg forces for television advertising spots by nearly a million dollars.

As the linked article points out, although Kloppenburg’s presumed victory is by a very narrow margin, the result represents a dramatic shift in public opinion since the primary election. Kloppenburg doubled her vote share in only 6 weeks. Recent events in Wisconsin are the likely explanation.

A major fraud has just been uncovered in this vote.
Wisconsin City Caught Destroying Ballots

For some reason one of the counties in the state is destroying ballots that ‘were not counted’ yesterday. Apparently this is a very bizarre and egregious move.

There is now a call for an injunction [PDF] to preserve the ‘discarded’ ballots:

I have filed a Wisconsin Open records request with the City of Mequon demanding any ballot
submitted but not cast in yesterday’s election, including any remnant of a shredded ballot. We
have received reports Mequon poll workers destroyed submitted ballots before poll closing time, demanding a driver’s license number from the absentee voter. This request is unusual and the destruction of ballots is of grave concern, given the closeness of the state Supreme Court election. I will consider seeking an injuction to back up my request if Mequon officials are not copperative [sic].
Mark Belling,
April 6, 2011

Mark Belling is apparently a local radio host.

We’re not exactly sure why this is happening, but Mequon is in Ozaukee County… where the vote totals may give us an idea why:

Prosser 20,844 …..72%
Kloppenburg 8,295 …..28%

This could be the 200 votes that Kloppenburg is currently “leading” by… What the hell is going on?

@Nan G:

I used to listen to Mark Belling daily when I lived just north of Chicago. The teachers and teacher’s unions hate him with a passion because he doesn’t let their crap fly, and speaks out against the excesses granted to them. I can only imagine how mad he is over this.


Recent events in Wisconsin are the likely explanation.

Greg, you can tell yourself that the public opinion overall is the reason for the liberal win there, but you’d be fooling yourself.

Thanks for the personal experience about Mark B.
It looks like the media is starting to notice this story:
..Dirty tricks in Wisconsin? Ballots being thrown away in heavily pro-Prosser county…
Washington Examiner

@Nan G:

Nothing I could possibly hear about voter fraud in WI would surprise me. During one election cycle, the son of the Mayor of Milwaukee, along with some other young liberals, destroyed a van rented by the GOP to ferry people to and from polls. There have been charges of cigarettes for votes, multiple voting by the same people, and busing in of out of state voters from nearby Chicago(they can spare many liberal voters and still win).

As well, Madison itself is a cesspool of liberal thoughtspeak, where conservatives are unwelcome, and rudely treated.

UnionCrats are going to be brutal: there are three choices Governor Scott Walker can take; first is the worse and that would be calling in the FBI which is putting Holder/O’BingoGame in charge of investigations, second is quite dicey unless the Wisconsin Bureau of Investigation can be read as reliable, third would be for him to hire his own outside investigators like employing Pinkertons or retired investigators from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to uncover the voter fraud. I chuckle with the thought of Mounties converging on Madison with open subpoena powers to wash out the voter lists and files looking for frauds.

The recount will happen and not be official until at least Ap 15th.

Of course greg wants to pretend it’s some public uprising since that jibes with his fantasy.
The pro-Prosser supporters outspent their opponents on TV ads. So?
Yeah, all the pro-kloppenberg forces had was tons of free advertising from the MSM, and tons of cash from unions. Amazing she won (sarcasm).

Despite all the money the left spent. Despite all the MSM lies and the union turnout, they barely won in what was supposed to be a union friendly state. They got the win, but it hardly bodes well for them.

@Nan G:

From what I’ve read, whatever happens, Prosser’s term won’t end until late summer. Also, it sounds like the bill is going to be resubmitted negating the need for Kloppenburg to be that #4 of the 7 on the SC that would decide on the constitutionality of the CB/union bill that was passed earlier. We shall see.

@Hard Right:

They haven’t won yet, the trunks full of Koppenburg votes are still garaged and ready to be counted if and when necessary. Think Franken.

@Missy: They can’t be sure about every republican vote now. That’s why they haven’t done it already.

I’m surprised that the count is already done, including absentee. Here in Washington State, they just passed a bill forcing that last county holdout to all mail balloting. We wouldn’t know the results of this type of election until May or later. On the other hand, with all mail balloting, I’m sure Kloppenburg would have had a larger lead.

Oh, my!!!

The plot thickens!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: The latest vote count in the state Supreme Court race in Winnebago County indicates incumbent David Prosser is leading Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg in votes. A tally compiled by The Associated Press Wednesday and used by news organizations statewide, including the Journal Sentinel, indicated Kloppenburg was leading the race by 204 votes. Figures on Winnebago County’s website are now different from those collected by the AP. Winnebago County’s numbers say Prosser received 20,701 votes to Kloppenburg’s 18,887.

From Hot Air

“…Speaking of Madison, read Christian Schneider’s analysis at NRO of how dominant Prosser was on election night outside the capital. Excluding Dane County, which encompasses Madison and a whoooooole lot of public employees, Prosser took 53.3 percent of the vote — better than Scott Walker’s statewide total of 52.3 percent in November.

So much for the statewide “backlash” some libs claimed happened.

One more time, “Unioncrats are brutal”, Governor Scott Walker is an exeutive meaning he is more than being just the cork on top of a wine bottle. He has elected powers so can take extraordinary executive actions bringing in his own independent team to research ballot fraud. It has not happened lately but during the 1950’s Mounties were brought in, because of their untarnished record of impartiality, to settle close call disputes. What is certain, to remove all the stains of impropriety, is an independent counsil with powers to open and investigate all the public records relative to this election. Most honest people, including some union types with the two candidates, want an untarnished record and would welcome such action.


Prosser picks up at least 7,000 votes as a whole city was somehow overlooked in the count!
Waukeshaw Computer Error Results In Entire City of Brookfield’s Votes Never Being Tallied… Until Today
Presser At 6:30 ET

“Never mind”, send hari-kari kits to the unioncrat biggies.