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By the tons of comments here I guess the Message is Who Cares And Good Riddance! LOL

So much hate and so few viewers.

He’s gonna be part owner of Current TV…so much for that business.

Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to watch? It’s called ‘A Free Country’.

liberal1 says:4
Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to watch? It’s called ‘A Free Country’.

WHO HOOO You said it best! I never did watch and never will… You enjoy the Lies…

Indeed, it’s a free country.

Current TV can be found at DIRECTV 358/DISH Network 196/Comcast 107 or 125/Time Warner Cable 103 or 142. The addition of Keith Olbermann is part of a plan to put the hitherto obscure Current TV network on the map.

Al Gore is an owner and head of the company. Comcast has a 10% share. (Interesting. One theory was that Comcast had been behind his removal from MSNBC.) Olbermann’s own hour-long primetime news program will begin in late spring. He’s going to be Current TV’s chief news officer, has a stake in the company, and will be in charge of developing their news network programming.

Why is Olbermann smiling like the cat who ate the canary? Possibly because he likes a challenge. Possibly because MSNBC paid him to terminate his contract.

Somebody should probably notify Glenn Beck so he can fit this all onto his conspiracy blackboard.

Oh so lovely for him, wait ah yes it’s a channel under Cox’s Comms that I don’t have by package default (along with many other cable buyers.) Looks like he’s gone from having almost a million viewers on a good night to being in Niche country until Al Gore and his board members can create a business plan to get CurrentTV to fit into the barebones basic cable/Sat/U-Verse packages.

We have Comcast cable in Illinois and Direct TV in Missouri, Current TV is not in either package and trust me, we will not be upgrading for Al Gore or Keith Olbermann.

If they’re lucky, he may drag a portion of the most rabid members of his audience over to Current, those still employed, those that will break their habit, those not interested in O’Donnell, or those that could afford to upgrade instead of cut off their programming to make ends meet, big whoops.

Then, who knows what changes Comcast is going to make to that pathetic line up at msnbc. Kiefee and Algore competitive….at all? too funny.

In other news, this just in:

According the latest Nielsen ratings, sonograms and airport radar are viewed by more people than Olbermann’s new Current TV show.