Kathy Griffin clearly failed Irony 101


Kathy Griffin Blasts Feminist Lawyer Lisa Bloom as Incompetent ‘Fame Whore


Another week, another broadside against left-wing attorney Lisa Bloom, another round of stories about this feminist crusader selling out women in pursuit of her own craven ambitions and once again failing to competently represent a client.

This week’s broadside comes from Trump-hating comedienne Kathy Griffin, who claims she paid Bloom $40,000 for two days of work that only made things worse, much worse.

Before we get into the juicy details, one wonders who is more horrified by this story — Bloom or the left-wing Los Angeles Times? After all, it was the Los Angeles Times that just a few days ago published a gushing profile of Bloom, obviously meant to rehabilitate her image after the disastrous fallout from her defense of Harvey Weinstein and Roy Price, two powerful movie executives accused of sexual misconduct.

But stepping all over this beautifully crafted  career-rehab parade is Griffin, who is accusing Bloom of gross incompetence and flat-out “fame whoring.” Bloom denies pretty much everything Griffin told the Daily Beast Sunday, but as you will see, a pattern is beginning to develop.

After Griffin infamously photographed herself brandishing a mock-up of President Trump’s bloody, severed head, she hired Bloom to save her career, which, if you recall, imploded even faster than Bloom has this month.

More of this hilarity at Breitbart


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On other news Micheal Moore’s anti Trump Broadway production THE TERMS OF MY SURRENDER bombed big time in the box office too bad for Jabba the Shanty

If only these liberals could take a step back and see themselves, perhaps they could work to restore their dignity and self respect. As it is, they seem to have no idea what hypocritical fools they make of themselves.

It is gratifying that sometimes their own stupidity and shallowness comes back to bite them.