Jon Stewart defends Sarah Palin, rips media


Here’s something you don’t see every day: Jon Stewart defending Sarah Palin.

During a “Daily Show” segment entitled “P-mail,” Stewart pounded the media for providing “full team coverage of the arbitrary release date of Sarah Palin’s non-urgent e-mails”–and for feeding the former vice presidential candidate’s sense of self-importance.

“Where would Palin get this notion that we’re hanging on every word she’s said or written?” Stewart asked, before playing a video montage of media outlets bracing for the release of a trove of 24,000 pages of emails she wrote as Alaskan governor. “Oh right. She got that idea because we are.””For some reason, the media went DEFCON 1,” Stewart said, rolling clips of news outlets disappointed by the apparent absence of any smoking-gun revelations in the massive email dump.

In one segment, a CNN correspondent in Alaska describes an email from someone complaining, “Palin was spotted with Trig in a car not wearing an approved car seat.”

“That story better end with Palin getting out of the car and beating the woman with a tire iron,” Stewart said. “Why are you wasting our time?”

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This entire episode wasn’t even a flare, it was a firecracker that quickly burst stunk of smoke then disappeared. As I predicted Friday and Saturday those major newspapers are rapidly running out of coin so the finance guys who write the checks, including payroll and expense accounts, shut down the dog and pony shows at the Slimesbag and WashDishPissHole. Predictable, a major newspaper (Times, WaPo) organizaton will close its doors due to bankrupcy before the general election in 2012. Rumours here in NYC are that vendors are demanding shorter terms while shipping smaller orders until the paper reports better revenues and earnings.

I wonder if we know about who the main shareholders are in those MEDIAS,
It would be very important for the people to know which is which, and which one is calling the shots in their programming, If we know that would help to analyse why they cover the mistakes and the lies of the ADMINISTATION; and we would understand why are they demonising someone so viciously, from the opposit side as if they where told to do so
by one heavy weight of the shareholder.

It may stop mattering (Thank God) if Bachmann steals her thunder.

Rep Backman hasn’t the money, organization or name recognition to compete with The Gov. She will be viewed as palin-lite. She cannot be VP either as the ticket cannot bear 2 women. She is a great conservative who has a better candidate waiting to annouce…
“I love the smell of emmissions” what a great campaign moto