Jews, Poles, & Russians Have United To Condemn Canada For Glorifying A Literal Nazi


by Andrew Korybko

In one fell swoop, Trudeau discredited himself as a so-called “champion of human rights”, while Zelensky proved beyond any doubt that an ethnic and practicing Jew can indeed glorify the Nazis’ genocidal allies despite having family who were murdered in the Holocaust.

Jews, Poles, and Russians have oftentimes been on separate sides of historical disputes, which is why it’s so important to point out how they’ve all united over the weekend. What brought these their separate groups together is their shared disgust at Canada’s glorification of a literal Nazi. Parliamentary Speaker Anthony Rota encouraged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his guest Zelensky, and everyone else to applaud Yaroslav Hunta, which they enthusiastically did, especially Zelensky who even clenched his fist.

It turns out, however, that Hunta wasn’t an innocent “Ukrainian-Canadian veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians” like Rota described him as but a member of the SS 1st Galician Division that served under the Nazis and genocided Poles. To their credit, Politico pointed this out and reported on the number of Jewish organizations that condemned this fascist ceremony, which Rota said he regrets but Trudeau has yet to apologize for he claims he didn’t plan it.

Russian Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov demanded an explanation but added that he doesn’t expect one since “the current Trudeau cabinet is essentially the epitome of neo-liberal fascism you can’t do any business with.” Meanwhile, his Polish counterpart Witold Dzielski tweeted his condemnation of both the Canadian and Ukrainian leaderships for “cheering a member of the Waffen-SS Galizien…responsible for murdering thousands of Poles & Jews” and also said he “expects an apology.”

It’s rare for Jews, Poles, and Russians to unite, especially the last two’s Ambassadors in condemning Zelensky with whom the Polish leadership is fiercely feuding nowadays, but that just goes to show how atrocious this incident was. In one fell swoop, Trudeau discredited himself as a so-called “champion of human rights”, while Zelensky proved beyond any doubt that an ethnic and practicing Jew can indeed glorify the Nazis’ genocidal allies despite having family who were murdered in the Holocaust.

These two points are just as important as the previously emphasized one about how Jews, Poles, and Russians united in the face of this fascist provocation. Trudeau has relied on an extreme liberal interpretation of “human rights” in the aftermath of the Indian-Canadian dispute that he sparked last week to justify hosting Indian Sikhs whom Delhi has designated terrorists and whose extradition it’s demanded to no avail. He now stands exposed as a radical ideologue who cheers Nazi war criminals.

As for Zelensky, he and his supporters have tried to gaslight the world into thinking that it’s supposedly impossible for an ethnic and practicing Jew like himself to be a fascist after Russia relied on facts to accuse him of this. Just like Trudeau, he also now stands exposed since there’s no longer any doubt that he glorifies those Ukrainians who helped Hitler carry out the Holocaust and genocide Poles. This absolves President Putin of charges of “antisemitism” after he earlier questioned why Zelensky does this.

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History is important on this.
Globalists are intent on erasing and rewriting this history.

Fact is that Yaroslav Hunta fought AGAINST The Soviet Union and the rest of the ALLIES: Britain, Canada, the USA from 1941 til his side, the Nazis, lost in 1945, when he left Europe for Canada.
Another fact is that the Nazis, the USSR and modern-day Ukraine, under Zelensky, all want Ukraine “ethnically cleansed.”
It’s just that each has a different idea of who should live and who should die or be deported away.
Modern-day Germany is a globalist nation as is Canada, hence the rewriting of history regarding Hunta’s past.

Today the USSR is gone and Russia leads the BRICS coalition of anti-globalists.
George Orwell would be proud of how often history gets rewritten and nobody notices.

It would be wise, when dealing with this part of the world, to proceed with caution when virtue signaling. First, Stalin starved the Ukrainians, so they had no love for the Soviet Union. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union, they were regarded as liberators… until the army moved on and the SS and GESTAPO followed up with genocide. The Ukrainians threw their lot in with the Nazis; many of the concentration and death camps were manned by Ukrainians. And, throughout all of Europe, anti-Semitism was the vogue, though not everyone subscribed to extermination. Roosevelt wasn’t much better on the topic, either. Yeah… it’s complicated.

Maybe do a little background check before you hail someone as a “hero”?

Trudeau is a globalist. Globalists are supporters of nazism. Look no further than the nazis fighting in Ukraine for the globalists.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

Canadas run by a total Baffoon

comment image

But the trudeau apology is the best…