Jacob Creech: ‘Why I’m Backing President Trump’


by Jacob Creech

I was inspired by David Sacks’ piece and decided to do my own version. I encourage others to do the same.

I am a Right-leaning Libertarian, and I am an avid supporter of Donald J. Trump. We don’t agree on everything, but here are my Top Five reasons why I am voting for Trump in 2024.

1. Human-Trafficking/Epstein

Trump dedicated his first administration to stopping the global human-trafficking trade, and signed multiple Executive Orders to combat the most heinous of all human acts. Trump signed EO 13776 on February 9th, 2017, which was aimed at disbanding “transnational criminal organizations” engaged in human trafficking. This led to taking out Epstein’s international child-trafficking ring and the seizing of the infamous island.

Less than 3 weeks after being inaugurated, Trump was already after Epstein and international human-trafficking. It was one of the first things Trump did as POTUS, yet MSM gave Trump ZERO positive coverage, and those of us who even pointed it out were called “conspiracy theorists”.

The Left cry all the time about slavery prior to 1863, but they do not care about the slavery that is goin on in today’s world, and in this country. They don’t care about the millions of unfortunate women and children that are sold into sex-slavery every year. They don’t care about the humanitarian crisis at the border and the human-trafficking corridor. They don’t care that the US are one of, if not the largest, consumers of child-trafficking on Earth…

The Dems not only don’t care about it, they actively try to suppress this dark reality, and demonize Trump and his supporters for even bringing it up, which is absolutely INSANE. The Left threw a massive fit over “Sound of Freedom” and they promote normalizing “minor attracted persons”, also known as pedophiles. This one topic is enough for Trump to get my support and should be for every single human on Earth, without any exception. This should not be a partisan issue, and the fact that it’s even a discussion, is beyond disturbing.

2. Education/2SLGBTQIA+

Trump has vowed to get rid of the Department of Education, which myself and most Libertarians believe is a plague on American civilization. Our public schools are indoctrination centers that do not teach our children to be productive members of society. They are brainwashed to be subservient to “The Party”, and are programmed to support insane woke Left-wing causes. They are brainwashing factories, designed to produce Democrat voters.

Public schools, along with Hollywood/MSM, are force-feeding the children to normalize this 2SLGBTQIA+ gender insanity. These DNC-controlled entities are DESTROYING the minds of the children, sexualizing them at insanely early ages, and the Left have fully endorsed this anti-scientific madness, encouraging children to mutilate themselves and alter their hormonal state in order to fit in with the group.

The fact that this is even a debate, shows how far the Left have gone off the rails, and confirms we need sanity back in control of this country. I believe we should privatize all education, because the State have proven they will abuse this responsibility for political gain, at the expense of the children…

Trump has promised to end this lunacy, while the Biden regime and the Left have quadrupled down on sexualizing and installing the woke mind virus on our children.

3. Prevention of WW3

Trump has been loudly declaring that he will “prevent WW3”, that he will end the Ukraine war in 24 hours, and that he will stop all the foreign wars.

Trump is easily the most peaceful US President in my lifetime, and he has great diplomatic relations and mutual respect with Putin, Xi, Bin Salman, and many of the other prominent world leaders. He signed a nuclear treaty with North Korea, pulled us out of the “forever wars”, and promoted peaceful relations around the world.

Meanwhile, the Biden regime are spearheading proxy wars in Ukraine, the Middle East, the Red Sea, and soon to be Taiwan. Russia are now declaring the US an enemy and starting to directly arm our enemies with weapons due to the US proxy control of Ukraine. Russia and China are accusing the US of making biological weapons… Biden has us on a collision course with full-scale WW3, potentially nuclear war, with another “pandemic” around the corner.

This one shouldn’t be a debate either. Trump wants to stop global war and mass destruction, and Biden’s handlers are waging war across the planet and plan to send young Americans to die for their geopolitical agenda.

4. Massive Overhaul of DOJ/FBI

Trump has vowed to cleanse the Intelligence Community of all Deep State actors and corrupt bureaucrats.

Myself, and millions of other Americans, demand to see mass accountability for the countless crimes of our ruling class, and Trump is undoubtedly the candidate most likely to accomplish this.

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