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The ultimate and overriding pride flag.

You can bet the FBI is all over this. They never catch those who tear down statues, deface public buildings, riot and loot private property or firebomb pregnancy crisis centers, but I will hazard a guess THIS guy will be caught.

Look at the condition of the street, yet they have money enough to put graffitti on it, heres the guy if you can identify him Id like to go fund me a new set of tires for his truck.
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Americas most wanted

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to President Donald J. Trump!

Trump’s birthday falls on National Flag Day. Quite fitting I might say.

Biden’s birthday falls on National Absurdity Day.

There ARE no coincidences!

Hello Pariots!

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There’s a meme about going back to “Pride’s” roots and flying the very first pride flag:comment image

Lucifer was cast out of Heaven for trying to take over his followers became the Demons

Brave men raised it on Mt Suribachi 79 years ago. I would give my life to defend it.

As many of the did! 3 never saw another sun rise!