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And there are 58 states….

Let’s not do like the democrats do and nitpick at every little mistake Obama makes. I have been misspelling words all of my life. I have also had people tell me I have said things that I know I wouldn’t have said, except that when several people say I did, I figure it must be true. We have enough IMPORTANT stuff about him we can complain about, so let’s let the little stuff slide by.

@Smorgasbord: Agreed on principle. I guess I am just tired of every single misspeak by a conservative-or any rino the mbm has stopped supporting-being blown up. It even happened in Palin’s date of the Boston Tea Party when she was correct!
You are correct in that there are a lot of important screwups from him to worry about!

@Bookdoc: With Obama there are so many big things to worry about that I let the little things go by. I’ve done most of the goofs the politicians have. That’s why I let them go.

It would be little stuff if that was one of the few things he’s goofed on, but the list is endless. This is just representative of person who has no business being the “leader” of the greatest country on earth! He needs to take his teleprompter, army of czars and his chubby wife and GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!

ps… I do have one thing in common with BO.. I can’t speak Austrian either!

@FedUp: I agree 100%. The only good thing is that he won´t be running in 2012 because he will have to prove he is a citizen of the USA to the states who are writing laws for it.