Is Illegal Immigration the ‘Great Replacement’?


by Armando Simón

Entry into the United States by illegal aliens has been rising almost exponentially in the past decade. This has been a welcomed development by Democrats and has been opposed by some Republicans, though not all. The objections have come principally from American citizens whose views have been ignored by these elites. This has culminated in the staff of President Biden, particularly Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security (!), not only encouraging illegal entry into the country but ordering the Border Patrol not to interfere, i.e., essentially throwing the doors wide open. The Border Patrol is instead occupied with (cosmetic) paperwork. As if this was not enough, the Democratic Administration has been paying for airline passage to get more illegal immigrants into the country.

Once in the country, illegal aliens are given gift cards, free legal services, cellphones, healthcare, and are housed in hotels. All without their paying a dime. Los Angeles, run by Democrats, is even hiring illegal aliens to police American citizens. New York City’s Democrat government and Democratic Connecticut governor even wants illegal aliens to vote in elections. And every Democrat in the House of Representatives voted to give illegal aliens representation in Congress; Nancy Pelosi defended MS-13, blathering about “a spark of divinity.”

At times, veterans have even been kicked out of housing in order to house illegal aliens.

It has become obvious by now that these successive waves of mass migrations have been encouraged and well-orchestrated — by the very people paid to prevent illegal entry into the United States.

To add insult to injury, all this has been done at taxpayers’ expense.

Those individuals salivating over the sight of thousands of illegal aliens swarming through what used to be the country’s official border have tried to allay Americans’ anger through a wide variety of sophistries spread by the media, from “we’re a nation of immigrants” to “they’re hardworking, taxpaying immigrants” to “the border is under control” tomigrants are driving economic growth,” all the while avoiding the term “illegal aliens.”

Although the overwhelming number of illegal aliens are men, the mainstream media (which nowadays has become nothing more than propaganda) focuses its attention on the very few families accompanying them. Otherwise, they deliberately ignore the crisis.

It has been said by some critics, including this writer, that this situation is a de facto invasion, and there is precedent for just such a strategy. In the 1970s, Spain was in the process of negotiating leaving its colony, Spanish Sahara. Three entities coveted the territory: the indigenous population, Morocco, and Mauritania. The International Court of Justice’s Advisory opinion on Western Sahara was going to decide on who got what. Jumping the gun, the Moroccan government organized the “Green March,” wherein 350,000 Moroccans — unarmed — invaded the northern territory by simply crossing the border. And there they stayed. Essentially, the invaders relied on the humanitarian character of the Spaniards in order to take advantage of them.

Compassion can be used as a weapon by governments, special interests, or individuals.

Just like in the southern U.S. border.

The truly bizarre aspect to the American invasion is that it is being carried out and supported by leftists within and outside the federal government, specifically by the Democrats but also with some Republicans. And it has been going on for a decade.

The reason for this is just as bizarre and a bit convoluted. Bear with me.

Marxism is like herpes. Once you think it is finally gone for good, it flares up again, in different manifestations. This time the manifestation is through racial Marxism, for the simple reason that claiming that American workers are exploited as a class has little resonance with U.S. voters. For a long time, race was the fundamental fissure in American politics and blacks were easily cast as the new proletariat, the ones who would be central to carrying out the glorious revolution against oppressive capitalistic whites, whose entire culture must be destroyed and replaced — “The Great Replacement.” To facilitate the forthcoming utopia and with help from large and small employers, the Left has organized, financed, and advertised,  mass migration from non-European countries.

At the same time that leftists openly advocate, and implement, “The Great Replacement,” they deny there is such a thing, labeling it a conspiracy theory. Just like they deny teaching the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) — while defending its presence. Just like they deny censorship in the media while suppressing news and views they hate.

But there is another reason that Democrats want illegal immigration: they want to give them voting rights so they will vote for their saviors, the Democrats, even though they are not American citizens (yet another instance of election fraud by Democrats, who have a long, well documented history of electoral fraud). They are working towards this goal even as they deny doing so, and make elaborate justifications for it.

And should the reader believe that this is another “conspiracy theory,” note that in many Democratic controlled areas voter registration forms were handed out to illegal aliens in South Carolina, House Democrats voted unanimously to give illegal aliens representation in Congress and voted unanimously to block a Republican bill making it illegal for noncitizens to vote in federal elections, municipalities in three states and Washington D.C. already allow noncitizens to vote in local elections, and that Biden has referred to illegal aliens as “voters.”

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I would like to send them all to the UN Facility where their biggest supporters can be found living here on American Soil

This is why Democrats love to get huge amounts of taxpayer money flowing around. Nobody can possibly watch over it all, if they even tried. Democrats are literally butt-f**king the American people and laughing about it.

The uniparty that dominion places into office.

This is nothing more than a fake amnesty. biden doesn’t have the authority to issue a unilateral amnesty. It’s nothing more than pandering. These leeches can still be deported.

bidens illegal invasion is unpopular with American citizens as a whole. It’s hard to see how rubbing our faces in it with his fake amnesty is going to make him more popular.

WATCH: Trump SLAMS Joe Biden’s Mass Amnesty for Illegals – Crowd Chants “SEND THEM BACK!”

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden will just ignore the courts just like he did with student loans. Destroying the country is his (his handler’s) most important mission.

Only American Citizens and those who came here legally should be allowed to vote in any election

This criminal regime never considers any efforts that might reduce illegal immigration, only taking more taxpayer money to process more and more illegal immigrants. There are not enough personnel to fully vet all that come across, which is well known by those who wish to sneak in and do the nation harm. The answer is not more technicians; the answer is to CLOSE and SECURE the border, reduce the number of illegal immigrants, fully vet them as they attempt to enter, turn away those that don’t meet strict standards and STOP creating lure after lure to entice them to keep coming.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s illegal amnesty of over 500,000 illegal immigrant’s is one such lure. All Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden cares about is collecting votes, not preserving the nation.

His executive order on the border exposes all the lies in that piece of legislative trash they tried to foist on the American people. Even when they cut the 5,000 a day limit that would have been etched in stone forever and ever to 2,500 a day, they don’t even enforce that. Each BP agent now has over 7,000 cases to administer. The answer is NOT more administrators; the ANSWER is fewer wetbacks.

While the competition is high, THIS could be Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden greatest failure and disaster (though it is a great leftist success) of all. This is harm done to the nation that will have long lasting effects and, if the Democrats succeed in turning the open border into permanent political power, the most devastating disaster of all time.

And it’s all by design, all fully intentional.

I dont know about replacement it seems to be designed to overwhelm the system, drain all resources. These invaders seem to believe they can bust the border then protest for better living conditions.
The ones that have been here for years and years are not the issue, its the ones flown in from the ME by the government, they can not be civilized. The prisoners and mental patients allowed into the interior that murder rob and rape, while the police get defunded to feed and house them..

joe’s imports in three years equal more than the entire US births for the last two years.
It equals more then the entire population of over fifteen of our states.
Cloward-Piven are so proud.
They are full out communists and joe is fulfilling their dream of destroying the US so it can be replaced by communism.

Democrats cannot create good paying jobs. All their jobs are low paying menial service industry jobs. They need slaves to work for low wages AND they need voters. Voila, open the border.