Iranian Leaders: Unrest In Arab Countries Inspired By Iran


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran has overtaken the arrogant West and would implement its universal mission to establish peace and justice worldwide (see Ahmadinejad: Iran’s On Mission Of ‘Universal Justice’) this is not up yet but hyperlink when it is thanks. He said that Iran has an historic and international responsibility, and that with the help of divine guidance would implement its mission, at a time when humanity needs pure and just leadership. He added that Western capitalism and liberalism had deceived the world throughout the past century.

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Iran’s version of Pravda.
The propaganda is thick, isn’t it?

For no other reason than the attrition it would cause, I would LOVE for the Muslim world to be in a Iran-planned civil war.

I wouldn’t even take sides.

I wouldn’t care which side won.
As long as it was a full-on war with plenty of casualties.

The sad thing is that so many millions of people are trapped in their Muslim lifestyle by militant family or neighbors.
They would be lost, too, in great numbers.

Oh, well, that’s the breaks.

(Slightly sarcastic, because the Iranian source is slightly loony.)