Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK


Iranian Ayatollah endorses evil: Radical religious cleric known as President Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor says attacks on Israeli civilians permissible, suicide bombings a Muslim duty

Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah, considered one of the Islamic Republic’s most radical clerics, issued a religious edict on his website whereby suicide attacks are not only legitimate but are a must for every Muslim, a special paper by the Middle East Media Research Institute shows.

The senior cleric was responding to a question from a follower regarding the difference between “martyr’s death” and “suicide.” The man, who wrote anonymously, noted that “some people say that martyrdom operations are considered suicide and that they are haram (forbidden) because they contradict Islam.”

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Curt, This is the norm for the Shia (Shities). Most of the terrorism in the world is generated from Shia sources. In fact they have focused on education here in the States and have schools of which like in Brooklyn New York are even paid for out of the public school system, while anyone who desires to go to that school is required to be Muslim and to learn to speak Arabic. Yes they are here!
The Sunni’s on the other hand such as the former King of Jordan and King Hamad for example are very different. In fact one of the members of King Hamad’s staff is a Jewish woman who gives advisory to the Royal family. I would that world leaders take example from him as well, really a great and compassionate King just as his father was.
However the Shia’s who control Iran, and have literally planted communities all over the world are also the majority in the European and American/ Canadian communities as well. This is a real danger for us all. The reason they support the killing of children is to produce a” living death” this is as well why in Israel they target schools and other public institutions with rocket attacks. Like in Kiryat Shmona and Metullah. The Sunni’s who I happen to know many of them and the average Sunni you would meet in the street are very good and hospitable people. They the Sunni’s say as well “Why do the Shias wear black? Because it is like their heart! Black!” In fact many of the other practicing Muslims do not even consider the Shias as being Muslims.
Sunni’s do not support suicide bomber’s! However the pressure that the Shia’s and that they apply especially outside of the Arab countries (like in the US and Europe) is unbelievable. In fact if you ever get a chance to view the Bahraini broadcast you will see even in their english broadcast they advertise and have propaganda against terrorism and the destruction it brings.
Even the riots and the protest that we witnessed recently was propelled by the Shias and in many countries like Bahrain it was with the advice and assistance of the News Media and our State Department. Most of the Rioters were (Iranians) not even legal immigrants of Bahrain, yet our State Department took their side. The former King Hussien of Jordan was under the threat of being assassinated so many times by the Shias because of the stand he took against terrorism, which is also one of the reason Jordanians despise the Palestinians. Look up “Black September”
My question to you and other Americans is: If the Shias sanctify the killing of Israeli children (Jewish Children) and they are worshipers of One God, then what do you think their declaration is on American children of whom they classify as infidels?

Just another comment to illuminate matters…. What is really sad is that our nation has been actively fighting Islamic Terrorism for more than 30 years, and yet you cannot find anyone on the street who knows anything about who is who and what is what! Not in our police forces, not the military and neither do our politicians have the slightest idea! Curt you know as a former Marine it is more important to know and recognize you enemy that it is to know about the guy next to you in the fighting hole!
If people realized how our Government has and is presently using this against the State of Israel and against the American public they would be outraged! Jihadist Hillary and Obamination are using this even now in their approach to peace in the Middle East and they are offer their support to the so called “Palestinians” under our blanket of ignorance. The whole “right of return” for the Palestinian State is being served up on the deliberate ignorance of our people that is both generated and energized to protect the political agenda of our corrupt government! Is not one of the principle responsibilities of Government to educate and inform the people they serve of the enemies and dangers of our way of life? What has Washington done in the past thirty years to educate the American people as to who really is our enemy?
Does the average American citizen, policeman, or soldier know who Fatah, Hamas, and or the Hizballah is? They are are the biggest components of the Palestinian State, and they are all terrorist organizations!
They all pledge and support the death of any Israeli or American and our State Department and Government are supporting them!

How do any non-Muslims get away with ignorantly touting Islam as a ”religion of peace?”
Well, they are blinded by two things:
1. Ignorance of what Muslims think of the ”other.”
2. Multiculturalism.

The people of Norway had invited immigrants from Muslim lands into their country for decades now.
Sure, there were problems.
But, mostly because the crime data was never broken down by ethnithicy, no one could grasp whether the problems were getting worse or better.
Now we know.
During the most recent 5 years those stats are being released for the first time.
100% of all rapes in the last 5 years were done by Muslims against ethnic Norwegian women!
Video here.
Oh, yeah.
Code words for Muslims by multicultural peoples includes ”non-western,” men of ”foreign origin, from ”traumatized countries,” “asylum seekers,” and also Pakistani.

Note the words burned into the brain of the teen raped 2 years ago…..(asked WHY?)…..

“He said he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman, because that is how it is in his religion.
Women did not have rights or opinions, he was in charge.”

Poor Norway!
Even faced with those horrid facts and a victim’s own quote that he acted out of his religion’s dictates, they never use the name of these rapist’s religion!

Now, I will go on record admitting that NOT all Muslims are rapists.
But all Muslims who want to rape can justify their act in their religion.

@Nan G: Nan G. I do not question the things that you are saying but we must always be careful of gereralizations. There are good muslims, however when you get outside of Islamic oriented countries like the Middle East and Gulf States the majority are influenced if not controlled by the Shias. This produces a totally different group all together. Just like when you go to Borough Park, Brooklyn New York, you can see the Shias there on the street drinking vodka inside of a Coca Cola can mixed with Coke and or smoking hashish in a hoka, not to mention going into Whore houses and or Porno joints. Is this the teachings of Mohammed? Definitely not! Is every Muslim this way? No! However the groups that our ever lovingly liberal government care to support (there is a reason why I say Jihadist Hillary) are not any sort of GOOD ISLAMIC believers. The Shias , Hamas, Hizballah, Fatah, and all those who follow this string of thought, if they were removed from the earth it would be a favor to both anything good in the world and to those who are true believers in the Koran as well. Why do you think that so many of the fractions of Islam dispise the Palestinians? I know somebody along the line will step up and say will Saadam was a Sunni, yes he was, however what ever he was it began its creation in the Carter administration and found it fulfillment in the Clinton Administration. No shit Sherlock, our liberal aministrations created those monsters just like Khadaffi, our Liberal administrations did the job! Do you have any idea of how much this administration has invested in the Syrian government for relations and aide? Research it! then you will understand while you are hating every Muslim you are only fulfilling the blindness the liberals desire, the smoke grenade is working full force.

You have many good points in your reply.
I’m under no illusions.
I ended my comment with this:

Now, I will go on record admitting that NOT all Muslims are rapists.
But all Muslims who want to rape can justify their act in their religion.

I know quite a few Muslims in America.
They would be targets of leaders like those in Egypt, Iran, Gaza and so forth.
Because, as you pointed out, they think for themselves and do not let a mullah, an ayatollah, an imam, or any other Islamic leader tell them how to live.
One of my friends tried to become the first female to give a Friday sermon inside a Mosque, in San Francisco, CA a few years ago.
Even in liberal SF there were death threats against her if she did it!
Ended up that her tape recorded sermon was played while she went into hiding.
She can no longer even visit family in SF!
To this day she holds out hope that Islam can come into the 21st century.
But even she admits her living 400 miles from her own family is proof that it hasn’t happened yet.
I’ve sat down to dinner with Iranian Muslims who could out-drink a sailor!
Again, their own leadership in their own Mosques would be after them….if they knew!
These people lead completely double lives.
I imagine (and they tell me I’m right) a lot of Muslims in more troubled areas (like where Sharia is law) do the same.
Such apostasy carries a death sentence in Sharia states for men anyway.
Women luck out with prison and ”re-education,” until they fall into line.
What an incentive to pretend to be a true believer.

@Nan G: Yes Nan G. I understand all of what you have written and I wrote what I wrote for the sake of others as well. This also that you are quoting is mostly common among Shias (Shities) . A Muslim man really is not to touch any woman that is not his wife, however the majority do not choose to follow this teaching. This is one of my points of conflict with Islam. I for example am Jewish, and I do not touch another woman except for those who are to me as family and there is no way it can be understood as anything other then a respectful greeting. I knew the former King of Jordan and I know many Sheikhs and Royal family members all over the Gulf States and they are a breed apart from what you are representing here. This is as well is why as I had said earlier many of them do not regard the Shities as true Muslims. Because the ones who do the things you speak of are living a lie (double life) and this is the highest offense in Islam. In their own words ” A believer could murder, steal or even commit adultery, but the one thing a believer could not do is to say or live a lie!” Yet you have what you refer to in multitudes. It is a shame that the United States Government for example has left the same thugs as you are referring to in control in Iraq! Look at what has happened in Iraq since we pulled out! Murders, Assassinations, and more all by the very ones the Obamination administration left in power, the Shias! If a conservative president had done this they would be all over it and calling for the United Nations to take action. Jihadist Hillary and Obamination do it again!

I wander how come a GOVERNMENT could be elected with such ignorance of who are the ennemies never to be allowed in AMERICA and we see the open borders so to make these transit of dangerous people so easy for the AMERICANS to have as neighbords, and I’m talking also about around the world FREE COUNTRYS which have allowed those dangerous human to enter so easy using many channel that they the leader could use as an excuse but the reality is of their ignorance to learn to never open the door, because then the snake go into hiding in MOSQUE OR in other friendly house, and wait for the time to use the immigration channel to become legit and looked at like a pure human been. we know how easy it is to produce
falsified birth certificat or any other paper for identification

@ilovebeeswarzone: I heard Obama is going to give courses for producing false birth certicates and documents if he doesn’t get re-elected!!! But you will have to pay in Kenyan currency…like ET he wants to send it home! I am just wondering how we can assure that we get Curious George out of the White House and restore some form of dignity to the Office of the President!
I have a friend who works in a special unit with the FBI (sorry I cannot be more specific that that.) and they are not allowed to take any action against any Terrorist cell without the approval of the Presidents office (Good luck on that… Totally dis-functional). Just so you will know the Jihadist have weapons stored all over the US, Canada, and Mexico….they know where many Stashes are….but they are afraid it will destroy their intelligence contacts…yeah really!!!! So we just continue to place Americans in the way of harm!!! But what does Obamination care or Jihadist Hillary? We are not Pakistanis, Sudanis, or Palestinians…our safety is no political value to them!!!!! Guess what folks…they are here!!!!