Iowa had no choice but Trump – The indictment of a president by a rogue regime is unacceptable


by Don Surber

Appropriately for Martin Luther King Day, Iowans went to the polls and rang the bell of freedom by giving President Trump an easy victory in the state’s presidential caucuses. AP called the race a moment after the polls closed.

Let us consider the parallels.

MLK had a mugshot. Now, so does The Donald. The same Democrat Party that ran the South that imprisoned MLK’s followers has imprisoned DJT’s followers. The deep state wants to stop Trump with four indictments and 91 charges as well as the various frivolous lawsuits against him. We’re next.

Iowans rose and stood with him because they had no choice. He is our last stand because if they can take him down, no one is safe.

Hillary Haley, a pawn of the World Economic Forum, plans to stay in the race in case, you know, something unexpected happens to him involving a grassy knoll or a shortcut through a restaurant.

Trikki Nikki said, “I can safely say tonight Iowa made this Republican primary a two-person race.”

She finished third. As Barbie said, math class is tough.

The race is over. Vivek dropped out after Iowa. DeSantis finished second but 30 points behind. The fat lady may not be singing yet, but Don Meredith is.

Ed Morrissey pointed out, “Doug Burgum jumped into the race as an alternative to Trump, but [on Sunday he] rallied behind him.”

Burgum is the governor of North Dakota. He said, “This is kind of a Churchill versus Chamberlain. The Biden Administration has been practicing appeasement, and we have seen where that’s taken us, and I think Americans are concerned about the future, and that’s going to be reflected in what the voters say today in Iowa.”

Actually, it is a Solzhenitsyn versus Stalin contest because Biden wants to send Trump to a gulag, preferably in Alaska.

Democrats and their RINO flunkies want to convict Trump of an imaginary incitement of an imaginary insurrection.

Like Reverend King, President Trump held a march on Washington and gave a speech at the National Mall before 200,000 people. Unlike King, Trump’s speech received no press coverage. Instead the press promoted as an insurrection what was really the Nancy Pelosi-staged Capitol protest, in which FBI informants led some protesters into the Capitol. It was a trap that sent innocent Trump supporters to prison. Neither the press nor the courts will do anything about this travesty of justice.

The FBI is not our friend. The Constitution does not seem to authorize its existence. It is a politicized police force. Under J. Edgar Hoover, it spied on King. Under J. Edgar Comey, it spied on Trump.

Three years ago, NPR reported, “Documentary Exposes How The FBI Tried To Destroy MLK With Wiretaps, Blackmail.”

The story was an interview with film director Sam Pollard who chronicled those efforts in a 2021 documentary, MLK/FBI.

The story said, “The FBI campaign against King began with wiretaps, but quickly ballooned. When wiretaps revealed that King was having extramarital affairs, the FBI shifted their focus to uncover all evidence of his infidelity by bugging and taping him in his hotel rooms and by paying informants to spy on him. Eventually, the FBI penned and sent King an anonymous letter, along with some of their tapes, suggesting that he should kill himself.”

Pollard said, “They would go into these hotels before King and his associates got there and they would be let in by the management to bug those rooms and to have the rooms next door, nearby, where they could listen in to what was going on when King and his associates took those rooms. So this was an all-out assault. And as Chuck Knox says, a former FBI agent, any time King was going to go to a new city, the agenda was FBI agents were on the move to get to those places, to start to monitor and wiretap and listen to everything that was happening within the confines of those rooms between King and his associates, members of the SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.”

King had groupies and he had affairs with them.

One of the remarkable things about Trump is despite all the FBI spying and the like the only thing Hillary found was a tape of a private conversation he had with Billy Bush in 2005 when Trump said if you are handsome and rich enough, certain women will let you grab them by the pussy. Feminists were so upset that they went on and on about this that they kept repeating publicly what he said in private.

Stalin’s prosecutor Andrey Vyshinsky said, show me the man and I’ll show you the crime but Trump would have stumped him.

But this is America where we did not invent the automobile but we perfected it. The same with movies. The same with incandescent lighting. Of course the FBI could invent crimes for Trump in a manner that would surprise even an evil villain like Vyshinsky.

Americans see this and while most people won’t publicly state this because no one wants the FBI tracking them down, they voted accordingly. Marco Rubio said it the polite way.

He tweeted, “When Trump was in WH I achieved major policies I had worked on for years (like expanded Child Tax Credit & tough sanctions on regime in Cuba & Venezuela) because we had a President who didn’t cave to special interests or let bureaucrats block us.

“I support Trump because that kind of leadership is the ONLY way we will get the extraordinary actions needed to fix the disaster Biden has created.

“It’s time to get on with the work of beating Biden & saving America!”

Few Iowans give a shit about Venezuela. But they do see a vote for Trump as a way of saving America.

Look, I would love to be following a public policy debate over spending and taxes and regulations and the like but we no longer have that luxury. We must stop the bastards because Trump is right. The deep state is not after him; it is after us. He’s just in the way.

As in 2016, winning the nomination is the easy part. Winning the general election will be tougher than it was in 2020.

But the toughest part will be winning because the deep state won’t give up.

The plan is to stop President Trump after the election by any and all means. They are laying the foundation by saying stuff like this from Rachel Maddow: “There is an authoritarian movement inside Republican politics that isn’t being bamboozled by Trump. They are pushing Trump to get more and more extreme.”

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America has no choice but President Trump. Let’s face it, the general is all but over. biden is no match for President Trump. Point, Set, Match…

Biden Responds to Trump’s Iowa Win, Complains About ‘Extreme MAGA Republicans’


When such a dimwitted farce is your mouthpiece, you KNOW you need to hang it up.

Some Climate Cultists tried to disrupt a Trump Event two idiots carrying stupid signs reading RTEUMP CLIMATE CRINIMAL the two idiots found out what peaceful Trump supporters can do with disruptive Bolshevik Climate Change Scum

All Democrats offer is hate, violence, racism and suspicion. All they have brought to this nation is failure, disaster and embarrassment. I don’t see what other choice there possibly is. Trump or collapse.

Remember all those Iowa farmers we were told hated Trump because of the Chinese tariffs? I wonder where they were?