Insurance Company Discovers Triple Vaxxed More Likley to Get COVID than Unvaccinated



We’ve covered negative efficacy among the COVID jabbed and boosted, but this is that with a twist. Kaiser Permanente did some research relative to COVID “vaccination,” its insurance plans, and its healthcare business. Maybe they wanted to determine if the unvaccinated cost more. They discovered the opposite.
The Jab is worse than just ineffective.

Kaiser did something unusual: it actually sequenced 16,418 positive COVID samples to determine the Omicron subvariant with which the enrollees were infected.
What it found was that for 4 out of 5 Omicron subvariants by 150 days (5 months) post shot, efficacy had fallen into negative territory, and Kaiser’s thrice-vaccinated enrollees were more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.

The Boosted are at a greater health risk than the unvaccinated, which also means they are a more expensive health risk for insurers. And not just for persistent illness. As we’ve also reported (one example), the post-vaccine world is wrestling with sudden adult death syndrome. I am referring to the 40% plus or minus spike in deaths among otherwise healthy adults in the wake of a massive global push to inject experimental pharmaceuticals into people.

Negative efficacy even against death: Well, at least the shots still work against critical illness, right? Wrong! Deaths have largely plummeted across all groups given that Omicron is not nearly as pathogenic as the previous versions of the virus, but data continues to show the overwhelming number of deaths to be among the vaccinated. It turns out that in the month of June, 92% of all COVID deaths in Canada were among the vaccinated, even though they composed a slightly smaller share of the population (85%). Even more telling is the fact that 81% of the deaths were among those who had three or more doses, even though those individuals only account for 34% of the population.

And here’s the terrible news. If you are “vaccinated,” you are less likely to get sick and die if you only got the first two shots (but still not less than the unvaccinated). Talk about irony. The Public Health Industrial Complex, upon discovering that they could no longer hide how their cure didn’t work, pushed boosters as the proper response. Another human test trial and the results are in: you are more likely to get sick, more often, need hospitalization, or drop dead if boosted than not.
Either from COVID or something else or from the vaccine damaging you.
COVID vaccine harms VAERS data
And that’s not just their problem. Jabbed donors are polluting the blood supply, and we have no idea if that translates to similar problems among either the jabbed or not-jabbed who receive this blood.
As for dealing with more COVID, the Public Health Industrial Complex response is another booster – the Biden admin bought millions of them – but it is already obsolete.

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The multiple-boosted are getting covid (again) here locally.
My (very sick from her 3rd shot) neighbor is infected again after having covid in June.
My across the street neighbor (quad boosted) is also infected for her 3rd time.
You start to fear for their lives.
One “fell asleep” while chopping veggies for a slow cooker stew.
More likely it was a little stroke (again).
One has gone blind in one eye and falls down a lot.
Both have “migrains,” altho their doctor has “no idea” why late in life this developed.
Every ailment they complin about can be caused by “spike proteins in their blood getting into heart, brain and other tissue and clogging up the ability of that body part from being oxygenated like it is supposed to be.
Insurers, with their actuarial accountants were the first to see the truth being hidden by big phama and gov’t.