If McDonald’s stops hiring, Obama is toast


Fast food nation:

According to the unemployment data released this morning, the economy added only 54,000 jobs, pushing the unemployment rate up to 9.1 percent. However, this report from MarketWatch suggests the data is much worse than that:

McDonald’s ran a big hiring day on April 19 — after the Labor Department’s April survey for the payrolls report was conducted — in which 62,000 jobs were added. That’s not a net number, of course, and seasonal adjustment will reduce the Hamburglar impact on payrolls. (In simpler terms — restaurants always staff up for the summer; the Labor Department makes allowance for this effect.) Morgan Stanley estimates McDonald’s hiring will boost the overall number by 25,000 to 30,000. The Labor Department won’t detail an exact McDonald’s figure — they won’t identify any company they survey — but there will be data in the report to give a rough estimate.

If Morgan Stanley is correct, about half of last month’s job growth came from the venerable fast-food chain. That is hardly the sign of a healthy economy.

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Pretty strange how these were derided as “McJobs” back in the Bush era, but now they’re the second coming. Ok, given the O’Media, it’s not really so strange.

Search ”Bush burger flipper jobs,” get over 3/4 million results (Mostly news sources).

Search ”Obama burger flipper jobs,” get 1 news result (CNN’s blog) and over 600,000 non-news sources.

Burger Wars when the House of the Big Whopper announces to hire 29,000 newbies followed by square burger hiring 15,000 when only then that there will be a Big Government, brought to you by Cutie-Pie Katy now at ABC, when she does her flashing ivories grinning but serious announcement from (EPA, HHS, NASA whomever) that hamburgers with cheese and fries kill primarially adults between 25 – 50.

Notice: McDonalds is having a problem and needs Obama’s technical advice! I mean he’s the Dud.. dah man wit dah plan! McDonalds is having problems opening in some parts of Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Iowa, Alabama and several other states! Since Dah Man has a handle on everything they need to know how to serve dah burgers on overly moist/soggy buns instead of toasted buns! Then they can issue hip-waders and get those places working again!

Without Obama’s special waivers from ObamaCare, McDonalds would not have been hiring.
It’s the McConomy, Stupid!