If Cruz Is ‘on Obamacare,’ So Are His 2016 Rivals


Sam Baker:

Yes, Ted Cruz can buy insurance through Obamacare while remaining totally committed to repealing it. Just like his competitors for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Cruz said Tuesday that he and his family will sign up for health insurance through the exchanges created by Obamacare, prompting plenty of ridicule from Democrats looking to paint Cruz—a staunch opponent of the health care law—as a hypocrite.

But Cruz isn’t the only 2016 contender to turn to the exchanges. Sen. Rand Paul signed up when the marketplaces first opened. “It made me an unhappy person,” he said at the time.

Sen. Marco Rubio also signed up for coverage through Obamacare’s exchange. So did Rep. Paul Ryan. In fact, most members of Congress—yes, including the Republicans who have vowed and voted so many times to repeal the Affordable Care Act—use the exchanges.

So, why are so many of Obamacare’s critics covered through Obamacare? Some critics have called Cruz a hypocrite for “going on Obamacare” while continuing to beat the drum for repeal. But Cruz and other Republicans aren’t secretly starting to like Obamacare—they’ve simply backed themselves into a corner where the exchanges are the most rational choice.

“Senator Rubio is following the law, even though he opposes it,” a spokeswoman told the Tampa Bay Times when he first signed up.

First of all, let’s be clear that Cruz is not “on Obamacare.” There is no such thing as being “on Obamacare.” It’s not an insurance plan, or a single program like Medicare or Social Security. Cruz, Rubio, Ryan, Paul, and the 11.7 million other Americans who have used the exchanges are all on private insurance plans, and there are hundreds of them to choose from.

But that’s about where the similarities end. Cruz—and Rubio and Ryan and all the rest of lawmakers in the exchanges—aren’t really using Obamacare for any of the reasons it exists, or in the same way the other 11-odd million enrollees are.

Most Americans, about 60 percent, get insurance through their jobs. The exchanges are there for people who don’t, and therefore have to buy it on their own.

The Cruz family was among the 60 percent of people who get insurance through work. They used to covered by the plan offered by Heidi Cruz’s company, Goldman Sachs. But she is taking an unpaid leave for the presidential campaign, so they’re switching to the coverage offered by Ted Cruz’s employer—the federal government.

And if members of Congress want to get health insurance from their employer, the Obamacare exchange in D.C. is the first place to go.

Members of Congress used to get their health insurance just like any other federal employees, but Obamacare changed that. An amendment from Republican Sen. Charles Grassley kicked lawmakers and their staffers out of the exchange for federal employees; instead, they would have to use an Obamacare exchange. The government can still cover a portion of their premiums, just as almost all large employers do for their employees.

If he really wants to make a point, Cruz can go outside the exchange. But he probably would be purchasing roughly the same coverage—maybe even the exact same policy, just using a more cumbersome shopping process.

The biggest reason for lawmakers to use the exchanges, though, is so the government will be able to make its contribution to their premiums. Cruz has said he will forgo that subsidy, which would have covered more than 70 percent of his family’s premiums.

The subsidy that Cruz passed up—but that other lawmakers are receiving—is not from Obamacare. It’s from his job, and it’s very common. Americans who have employer-based insurance (remember, that’s about 60 percent of the country) get, on average, 70 to 80 percent of their premiums paid by their employers, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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It is a brilliant strategy on his part. What better way is there to tell the American people, those that are the low information voter, what a train wreck it is by experiencing it first hand.

And, he leads by example by following the law, not expecting some sort of dispensation…..

Tho he signs up through the exchange, I expect he still has the member of congress insurance plan which is basically free and pays everything. Not your ‘everyday’ garden variety insurance that the ‘regular’ people have to buy.

He had to buy insurance somewhere. It’s the law. Distilled down it’s a non story.

For an explanation of why people are ”on” obamacare see this:
Sounds Kafkaesque.

@Nanny G: I get so tired of those tales of stupid people that want to blame everyone else for their problems. Waiting 3 months to check on your policy when he knew all that was going on in the insurance world sounds like the kind of person looking for a problem.

“Except late in the day on Christmas Eve, I received a letter” “No problem. On Dec. 30, I spoke to another adviser”

“and that a simple call would clear up a harmless oversight.”

“Except that there are no simple calls to health insurers these days. ”

“So it was March before I finally found the time to call.”

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