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… vs. reality:

To be clear: Obama should be commended for having the common sense to adhere to the policies of his predecessor — and for signing off on the mission that netted Osama bin Laden.

But that’s about it.

Instead, he seems to want credit for fortuitous timing, presenting himself as some sort of armchair general rather than a sitting Commander in Chief being briefed on operations in between campaign stops, correspondent dinners, golf, and White House concerts. His trying to capitalize politically on bin Laden’s death is hardly unexpected, and yet the way he’s gone about it is so petty, so transparent, so small, that all he’s succeeded in doing is reminding people — even as the media strains to rework the narrative in his favor — that he opposed the very methods that yielded the intelligence necessary to find bin Laden. He opposed the very status of “enemy combatants”. He opposed “illegal wiretapping of American citizens” up until he needed to vote for it in order to shore up his anti-terrorism bona fides in the run-up to the Presidential election in 2008. And so on.

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George HW Bush reached a 92% approval rating after liberating Kuwait, yet lost the election just a few months later.
Any bump in approval ratings for Obama will fade even more and even faster.
Hope that’s a little consolation.

Point of Law, We are now 40+ Days into the Libyan Live Fire Exercise. The time limit for this excursion is 60 Days without Congressional Approval. The CiC needs to court Congress or remove the US Armed Forces from that undeclared War in a couple of weeks. Placing them under NATO Control just ain’t gonna buy it. Congress must Approve and Fund that adventure or it must be ended.

The first thing I thought when The Pretender in Chief came on Sunday was that they had changed speech writers, but 1 minute into the speech and it became apparent that this was all about him. I laughed out loud everytime he claimed it was his direction and decisions that made the raid possible. Petty was the word that kept coming to mind.


It was good to see a Democrat for the first time take responsibility and clean up the mess Democrat Bill Clinton left behind after leaving office.

The Clinton administration failed miserably in it’s efforts to combat terrorism around the world. From the first WTC bombing to the embassy bombings in Africa, to the Cole disaster, finally culminating into the 9/11 attack. Clinton was offered OBL on a platter by the Sudan on three separate occasions, each time refusing to take advantage by arresting him.

Clinton’s DOJ operative Jamie Gorelick (the mistress of disaster) was running interference for the terrorists from jump street, setting up a wall, forbidding agencies from sharing information with one another. Her further interference came when she shut down “Able Danger”… http://www.historycommons.org/timeline.jsp?timeline=complete_911_timeline&before_9/11=ableDanger …an operation which identified the 9/11 hijackers some two years before the attack took place.

Unfortunately this operation discovered a controversy by connecting prominent US figures to Chinese Military weapons purchases. Clinton/Gorelick realized this could become an embarrassment and ordered it shuttered, in an effort to provide cover for Al Gore’s election bid for president.

As we saw on 9/11 this information was obviously not passed onto the incoming Bush administration, leaving a blind spot in the intelligence community.

@ aceofwands, #5

Your highlight of Clinton’s DOJ operative Jamie Gorelick (the mistress of disaster), is worth the reminder in more ways than one. She is one of those liberal individuals who has been responsible for wreaking unbelievable havoc on the Nation . . . . stupidity and incompetence run amok.

Here’s a reasonable and very short synopsis on this sick and warped mind: Mistress of Disaster: Jamie Gorelick By C. Edmund Wright

From 9/11 to Fannie and Freddie – Gorelick’s impact on American taxpayers was unrelenting.

How does such an individual get so much room to “destroy” and why is she not behind bars?

@James Raider:

Great article Raider, and with all this information, look what Obama wants to do…and the brain-dead Liberals wonder why America feels the need to get rid of Obama ASAP.

“Obama considering Gorelick to lead FBI?”

Obama considering Gorelick to lead FBI?