Hundreds Stop Flag Burning At LSU (Video)


HUNDREDS of protesters stopped a far left student from torching the US flag today at LSU.

Hundreds showed up to protest the burning of the flag. Here, one guy shows his love of the flag in many forms. (WAFB)

Hundreds turned out to confront the leftist freak.

Hundreds of patriots chucked water balloons and water bottles at a far left student today at LSU before he could torch the US flag.

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My heart lept with joy. And for a brief shining moment, I didn’t fear for our future!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!

(ok,,,,it really hurts me to say that. Cause I got Sooner blood running through me, and I’m still pissed about the game we lost there!!!)

Having said that though, GO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we need to keep informing our voting youth of the horrible agenda that this administration and all the lefties out there want to push through.

we need to tell our voting age youth why gas is so high, environmentalists and obama will not allow drilling or more refineries, making the USA dependent on foreign oil, who controls the oil flow to America.

we need to tell our voting age youth why our foreign policy is in the toilet and why so many hate us now more than ever because of a muslim loving president that is either incompetent or is pursuing his agenda against the USA, all the while turning his back on our allies.

we need to tell our voting age youth why they will have a massive college debt bill, but no job or a substandard job awaiting them when they graduate.

our voting youth need to be informed about the issues in a very real way before they vote.
2012 will be a turning point for the USA, help inform our voting youth of what is really going on with this administration.